Tanzania 2018




St Peter’s have a Partnership with St Ursula’s in Tanzania. This school partnership was organised through Twende Pamoja. Mrs McCabe and Miss Kennedy are going to visit St Ursula’s during the February break.

Thursday 8th February

Our last meal with Pete the school bear before we head off to Tanzania in the morning.

imageFriday 9th February

We flew to Kilimanjaro and our little friends Pete and Siwadhi enjoyed the journey.

Saturday 10th February

After a long journey and arriving safely at the Sacred Heart Centre and a good nights rest we visited the town of Moshi. We explored the markets, shops and took in the atmosphere of this busy town.


Sunday 11th February

Mass at St Ursula’s Primary school and a welcome assembly. All the high school pupils walked down with us to Mass. This was held outside as the weather is so warm. After a warm welcome from both staff and pupils we had a tour of the grounds and saw their livestock and the fruit and vegetables they grow. The grounds were full of trees and plants too. Like St Peters they have a garden where things are grown.

We met our translator and guide too for the week, the very helpful and friendly Victor.


Monday 12th February – Friday 16th February

Our first day at school today. After a 45 minute walk down to the primary school we met our fellow teachers and went to observe some lessons.

We were given a timetable to enable us to teach different classes throughout the school, an average class in St Ursulas has 40 pupils P1-7 and a nursery. It is a residential school and the children take responsibility for keeping their dormitories clean and wash their own bedding, leaving it out to dry on the grass of the school grounds in the warm sunshine. Pupils serve the staff sweet tea and a bun at break time in the staffroom, where you will find the teachers working hard to mark the pupils’ work.

We spent time in classes looking at Scotland and what the children knew or would like to find out and we compared and contrasted differences and similarities to Tanzania. We took a variety of resources into each classroom as a stimulus for this and the pupils were engaged and really keen to learn about their fellow pupils. Pupils at St Peters had written letters to them so we shared these and they were very excited to read them and have a new friend to write to.

Our joint Partnership Project – The Blind Man Catches a Bird written by Alexander McCall Smith

Pupils in Tanzania had listened to this story which was translated into Swahili. Pupils at St Peters had also created some colourful birds and P5B had written some poems and stories using this story as a model of writing to inspire them to include a moral message of their own or write a poem. Primary 5B had also worked on a piece of Drama; acting out the story. We gave the pupils at St Ursulas the opportunity to create birds of their own and display these in their classrooms and in the Nursery we taught the song “Five Little Ducks”. We spent some time with Sean the nursery teacher and his wonderful class.

Children enjoy playtime in the sunshine at St Ursulas and they loved the stories Handa’s Surprise and The Gruffalo. This week we have had company on the walk home and even bumped into a little goat on his travels too.

We had the opportunity to work in the ICT room with P6 and the Nursery and these were a favourite with the pupils. We also worked in Primary 1 and 2 where the children were working on adding collections. Miss Kennedy explained to the pupils in a Science lesson how we donate blood and why this is important.

Friday 16th February

We have had such a wonderful experience here in Tanzania and are sad to say goodbye to our colleagues who are now friends. The staff and pupils have made us feel so welcome and we have managed to develop our partnership. The staff had a farewell assembly for us and presented us with gifts. We presented them with their own school bear and the pupils had voted to name him/her Siwadhi (meaning gift in Swahili). We gave the staff some Scottish gifts, shortbread , some sports equipment and our school calendar which they loved. Mrs McCabe gave a thank you speech in Swahili and the pupils were very impressed!

Until the next time we visit, St Ursulas – we will miss you. Asana

Saturday 17th February

Today was breathtaking! We woke at 5am and drove for 4 hours to visit one of the National Parks. The park was called Tarangire and is where people can go on safari (this meaning journey in Swahili)

On the road there we learned about the Massai tribes and of their traditional way of life. Their isolation from society and differences in culture.

As soon as we entered the park we were met by the animals! We saw Gazelles, Giraffes, Superb Starlings, Buffalo, Elephants and lots more. The scenery and experience were phenomenal and worth every minute of the long drive.

This experience has been so beneficial to both of our schools and we have shared practice and worked in collaboration to look at ways we can enhance the partnership and the experiences for all pupils. We look forward to working on a joint project focusing on the Environment and Climate Change.