St Peter’s Garden

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December 2019
Autumn tidy up activities in the Garden have been collecting leaves and clearing crops. The last harvest of the year, together with preserved produce (Green Tomato Chutney, Raspberry Jam and Chilli Jam), made up the Garden Stall at the Christmas Bazaar and raised £56.

September 2019
2019 has been a busy summer for both flowers and vegetables.

June 2019
Today we harvested our first peas, radishes, lettuce and rocket as a contribution to the P5 medieval banquet.
There were also a few strawberries………….

Keen eyed observers will have noticed a couple of new arrivals in the School Garden, both courtesy of parents.

A water gauge courtesy of the Saliba family.
And Freda the Weeder. Thank you Mrs Christie.

In addition, in recent weeks, classes have been busy planting up the vegetable and flower beds.

April 2019
Over a month ago each class found space for a small propagator on their windowsill. Most of the seedlings have germinated and survived the school holiday with just a little watering. Most are now in the garden coldframe but some peas and beans have already been planted out. Now the weather has warmed up there’s going to be a lot to do in the garden!

March 2019

Two groups from P7 have been sowing flowers (9 varieties) and planting potatoes in sacks on the first day of spring.

November 2018

Even though it is November the salad bed is bursting with leaves.

Garden 4

Peppery Land Cress has proved a big hit with P5A

Garden 3

There are four types of lettuce leaf to chose from:


Winter Purslane, or Miners Lettuce, tastes mild and has lots of vitamin C.

Garden 1


The P1s are coming back this week to pick salad for their snack.




September 2018.

“Summer is coming to an end and some of the harvested crops were sold off by P4 pupils on Friday.

Garden 2

Already  replacements of winter hardy crops have been planted by the pupils in any free spaces in the garden.

These (below) are the plug plants recently received from Rocket Gardens under the RHS Level 3 School Gardening Award scheme.

We are currently submitting our Level 4 application.

Garden 3

So despite the change of season there is still going to be a lot growing in the Garden.  “

August 2018.


The garden plants have been growing over the summer.



P4  built and decorated the Bug Hotel in the Garden today:


Once a roof has been added it will be fully up and running.  Despite Sports Day commitments we had a full complement of teachers and garden helpers and I would say there was considerable enthusiasm on the part of the children.

May 2018


Spring has certainly sprung upon us since the snow of early April.  Here are some of the highlights of the season so far:

The soft fruit bushes have arrived and been planted up. (It will take them one year to produce fruit but then they should last for many years to come.)

The last crop sown last year – Purple Sprouting Broccoli – has been harvested and sold at the garden gate.

The plants received through the RHS award scheme have been planted up and protected first from the cold and then from the pigeons.

A new bed has been dug and allocated to the Nursery.

 An experimental vertical garden has been set up using recycled materials.

After the warm dry May it looks like 2018 is going to be a bumper year in the garden!

9th April 2018

The bulk delivery of compost arrived on Monday and was barrowed to the beds by a cheerful gang of volunteers.


With spring just around the corner we are preparing the ground for the big push.  The last of the parsnips, leeks and Jerusalem artichokes have been harvested (although there is still kale and purple sprouting broccoli cropping).


Already we have new sowings of broad beans, peas, onions, lettuce, coriander and shallots from the P5 and P3 windowsill propagators ready to be planted out.


13th October 2017
This week has seen the addition of a pen to contain Autumn leaves. Here fallen leaves collected by the children will, over the next year, turn into a valuable resource: leafmould which will be used to improve the soil and grow impressive vegetables in years to come.
The School Garden raised an impressive £290 from four Friday sales of produce bringing the curtain down on a very productive year.  Many thanks to you, our parent customers, for supporting this enterprise.  In addition some produce has been set aside for the Church Harvest Festival  celebration on 1st October.
Here are some pictures of  2017 for the record.
If you are interested in helping out in the Garden from time to time please join the Friends of The St Peters School Garden.  To join simply send an email to   You will then be sent any broadcast calls for help by email, as and when the need arises.