Parent Council


The next Parent Council Meeting is on Tuesday 19th June at 7pm.

Please find a copy of the agenda for this meeting here:

If you would like to add any additional items to the agenda, please contact the Parent Council clerk;



Welcome to our Parent Council.
A Parent Council has been established, in accordance with the Parental Involvement Act, which is an opportunity to help parents become more involved in their child’s education.

Constitution and Functions of Parent Councils

The Parental Involvement Act 2006 gives each primary, secondary and special school the right to elect its own Parent Council.

The membership of Parent Councils comprises parents (who will form a majority), school staff members and co-opted members (chosen to represent the community). Local councillors, representatives of the Authority and Head Teachers have a right to attend Parent Council meetings, but cannot be actual members of a Parent Council.

Parent Councils have a variety of duties and functions including communication with parents, fund raising, taking part in the appointment of senior staff of a school, and seeking views of parents on school issues such as school uniform policy or homework policy.

A leaflet detailing the functions, membership and regulations governing Parents Councils is available from the Education Office.

Chairperson – Mr Bryan Heaney
Vice Chairperson – Mrs Jo Beech-Brandt
Staff Representative – Mr John Evitt
Advisor to Parent Council – Mrs Kathleen Nazarian
Church Representative – Father Scally
Treasurer – Mr Gerry Mone
Clerk – Mrs Estelle Meyer (non-member)
Mrs Marina Cresswell
Mr Andrew Crichton
Mrs Claire Daverin
Mrs Emma Farrugia
Mrs Kathleen McAdams
Mrs Margo Saliba
Mrs Jen Staermose-Johnson
Mr Stephen Tait
Mrs Ailsa Tierney
Mrs Lee-Camax
Mr Neil Davidson
Mrs Caroline Havard


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