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St Peter’s R.C. Primary School opened in 1910. A new school was built on the Morningside site, which opened in April 2005.
The school serves a large catchment area in South Edinburgh, which includes the Roman Catholic parish of St Peter’s and parts of the parishes of St Columba’s, the Sacred Heart, St Albert the Great and St Patrick’s. A number of parents who are not Catholic choose to send their children to St Peter’s. The school roll is 400, divided into a fourteen class organisation. The nursery class provides 30 morning places and 30 afternoon places. The catchment secondary school is St Thomas of Aquin’s R.C. High School.
There are 21 class teachers, some of whom are part time. The senior management team is made up of the Head Teacher, two part time Depute Head Teachers and a Principal Teacher, each with a class teaching commitment, which allows them to support the learning and teaching throughout the school, in addition to their management responsibilities, and the Business Manager. Learners are further supported by a full time Support for Learning teacher. The Nursery is staffed by one full time teacher and two full time Early Years Practitioners, as well as a trainee Early Years Practitioner. There is a part time Physical Education specialist teacher (2 days).The teaching of Music is supported for 1 and a half days and Art for one day. Violin and cello instructors visit for one half day per week. Support staff comprises of a school administrator, school support assistant, 12 pupil support assistants, a dining supervisor and a service support officer.
The Parent Council and the PTA plays a very large part in helping to create the warm ethos which exists in the school. A busy calendar of family, social and fundraising events is organised by the PTA. The Parent Council replaced the School Board in September 2007 as required by the Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006.
There is a very popular breakfast and after school care club catering for pupils from P1 to P7. A wide variety of lunch time and after school clubs are available.

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