New Starts – Nursery

Nursery Admissions

The Authority is committed to the provision of Nursery education and wishes to extend this provision to all children from the term following their third birthday. At present priority is given to Special Needs children and to children in their pre-school year followed by those in their ante pre-school year.

Children may be entered on the waiting list any time after their second birthday and are offered places in strict order by date of birth the term following their 3rd birthday. It is important, therefore, that parents register their children at the earliest opportunity by calling at the school to complete a registration form.

The allocation process is a long one because of multiple registration and other factors leading to the non-acceptance of places offered. It is not possible to answer enquiries about current placing on the waiting list. The school administrator will, however, confirm that a child is listed if parents are in any doubt. It would be most helpful if parents advised the school of any changes of address or when a place is no longer required.

A few places are reserved for children with special needs or from families where, through disability for example, their parents have a special need. To be considered for one of these reserved places, applications must be supported by a doctor, health visitor or social worker.

City of Edinburgh Council Nursery Admissions