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A Thank You from Mrs Johnstone

At the Parent Council we’re pleased to see the website up and running. We hope that through it we can engage your interest in 2017. The PC will be posting regular news here as well as the formal agendas and minutes of our meetings.

Our next meeting is on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 in the school at 7 pm. All are welcome and the agenda will be published soon. If you have anything you want discussed please let us know:

The members for 2016-17 are listed below.

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Parent Council
Chairperson – Mr Bryan Heaney
Vice Chairperson – Mrs Jo Beech-Brandt
Staff Representative – Mr John Evitt
Advisor to Parent Council – Mrs Kathleen Nazarian
Church Representative – Father Scally
Treasurer – Mr Gerry Mone
Clerk – Mrs Estelle Meyer (non-member)
Mrs Jacqueline Carter-Daily
Mrs Marina Cresswell
Mr Andrew Crichton
Mrs Claire Daverin
Mrs Ana DeBonrostro
Mrs Emma Farrugia
Mrs Kathleen McAdams – Representative on Partnership Schools group
Mrs Margo Saliba
Mrs Jen Staermose-Johnson
Mr Stephen Tait
Mr Nils Thorin
Mrs Ailsa Tierney

St.Peter’s P.T.A.

Summer Fete help needed

buntingMore volunteers are urgently neededto help at the school’s Summer Fete on Saturday 11 June.

The PTA has its work cut out pulling this year’s event together after the disruption of the school closure. So please do help out if you can, even if it’s only for an hour.

We need people to man stalls, run the raffle, organise games and cook up a storm on the barbecue. Here’s the volunteer form, which takes just 30 seconds to fill out.

We also urgently need donations of toys, books, raffle prizes, auction lots and items of school uniform. These can be handed in to the school office from Monday 6 June.

Meanwhile, the Food Technology team will welcome donations of home-baking on Friday 10 June and on the day of the Fete itself.

And of course please do come along on the big day… and bring friends and grandparents! The Fete runs from 11am till 2pm. Thanks!

Your PTA needs you!

your-country-needs-youWith our schoolcommunity back together at St Peter’s once more, we are now in a race to organise the final PTA event of the year – our Summer Fete.

The recent school closure means we have a far shorter timescale than usual in which to pull this together – this year’s Fete is just over a fortnight away on Saturday 11 June, from 11am to 2pm.

As always, there will be loads of great stalls, indoor and outdoor games, a barbecue and cafe. We hope it will be a happy and successful family event – the perfect way to end the school year.

But once again we will need lots of help from parents, grandparents, carers and friends. Here’s how you can do your bit:

* Donate auction/raffle items – can you, your business or employer help by donating something? If so, email us at or drop items at the school office
* Donate toys, games, DVDs, books and good quality items of school uniform – please bring these to school by w/c 6 June
* Bring along home-baking on the day – all tasty treats gratefully received
* Volunteer to man a stall or help with set-up or clear-up afterwards. If you can spare an hour and share the load here, your support will really make a difference. Please complete this form to register to help
* Finally, come along on 11 June and join in the fun!

Many thanks in advance for anything that you are able to contribute. We look forward to seeing you at the Fete.

Get set for Duck Race

Giant-rubber-duckThe 23rd annual Duck Race is nearly upon us – so please put the date in your diary and come along to show your support on the big day.

This year the Duck Race will be held on Sunday 8 May, starting at 2.30pm. As always, the venue is Braidburn Valley Park.

The Duck Race is a great family day out and always proves to be a lot of fun. It’s also a real community event, attended not just by parents and children from St Peter’s but also by many other families from the local area.

The event will see four separate races involving hundreds of plastic ducks which are released into the burn together from a footbridge upstream.

The ducks then “race” each other downstream to a finishing line, with the quickest ducks earning prizes for their sponsors.

Sponsorship forms have already been circulated – so please do fill these in and return them to the school no later than Wednesday, 4 May.

All funds raised will got towards buying musical instruments and mechanical toys for our children.

There will also be refreshments, home baking and games available on the day.

Thanks in advance for your support. Thanks also go to the many local businesses who help make this event happen, including Bathstore and Morningside Traders Association.

Good luck!

Let’s get quizzical

quiz-nightThe Big Annual Quiz is nearly upon us once again.

Anyone who’s been to this event will know it’s a fantastic evening – a chance to put the kids to the back of your mind for a night, and drag a lifetime of useless trivia to the front.

This year’s Big Quiz will be on Friday 4 March, starting at 7pm. Fourteen teams of 10 will battle it out to be crowned 2016 PTA Quiz Masters. Everyone is guaranteed a laugh.

Bring a friend. Bring nibbles. Bring a bottle (and a glass!).

Tickets, now on sale at £5, are going fast. To get one, drop us a line at:

Family portrait weekend

Here’s a photo opportunity that’s too good to be missed – a chance to have a professional portrait of your family taken for just £15.

Following the success of this event last year, the Family Portrait People will return to St Peter’s on Friday 4 March and Saturday 5 March.

You can book a 10-minute slot on either of those days. For your £15 fee you get a fantastic 10×12 inch framed portrait in either colour or black and white (a 75% saving). The result should be with you by Easter.

The Family Portrait People will kindly donate £10 of each £15 they receive to the PTA. Additional prints and a CD of each photo-shoot will also be available at greatly reduced prices.
These photo sessions are available on a first come first served basis.

To book one, please email us at PTAstpetersprimary@gmail.comor return the slip that was sent out via ParentMail on 11 February. These slips can be dropped into the PTA’s red letter box facing the office.

2016 Family Calendar

Calendar_Order_Form_2016_000001Getting organised for 2016? Copies of the St. Peter’s Calendar are still available should anyone want to pick one up at the school.

It’s a practical and colourful “family planner” featuring key dates, highlights of the school’s 10th anniversary celebrations and – as always – self-portraits by all St Peter’s pupils.

You can pick up a copy from the school office for £6.50.

All funds raised go back in to St Peter’s.

If you want to get in touch about this or any other PTA matter, drop us a line at:

Primary 7 Blog

                                                           SESSION 2017-2018  


Friday 20th April

Children are expected to be back at St Peter’s between 1.00pm – 1.30pm

Thursday 19th April 2018

Night Line pictures from last night.


Wednesday 18th April 2018

Miss O’Sullivan called this afternoon to give us an update. Last night there was a “scatter quiz” which made them familiar with their surroundings.  It has been a very busy morning with children going out in groups to take part in the following activities.

Climbing, Kayaking, Abseiling and Gorge Walking, Phew.  More for them to do this afternoon.

Tuesday 17th April 2018

Primary 7 arrived safe and well this afternoon and soon got themselves settled in.  Depending on computer access and WiFi we will have photographs soon.



 SESSION 2016-2017

Last day in Dalguise

Everyone has enjoyed their last morning in Dalguise.  They have tried archery and abseiling.  Here are some pictures of their day.


They are on route and expected back at school at 3.00pm

Day 2 in Dalguise

Primary 6 had a busy day yesterday enjoying the giant swing, zip wire, challenge course and sensory course.  They finished of the night with a disco and early to bed for all.  Everyone was asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow.

Update from Dalguise

News just in! Primary 6 are having a wonderful time at Dalguise. The sun is shining and they are enjoying every minute of the great weather and being outdoors!

Although internet connection has been tricky they have managed to send some photographs. Primary 6 hope you enjoy seeing what they have been up to and can’t wait to see you all tomorrow.



Climbing trees

Hanging out

Solving problems

and of course a good old sing song around the camp fire!

Cross Country 2017

Well done to all those in P6/7 who represented the school at the Cross Country event at the Meadows today. Despite some very wet underfoot conditions all competitors gave their all and did themselves and the school proud.

A special congratulations to Evie in P6B who won her race, Sorcha in P7B who finished second and Ronan in P7A who came fourth (with a bit of sportsmanship along the way!) These children were awarded a medal each at the end of the event.

Thanks to all the parents who helped out and cheered the children on! Finally a special thanks to Mrs Walker who organised the event.


On the 16th of November 2016 a lady from the RSPB came to talk to us about wildlife and how much we need to take care of it.  We went outside to our school garden to look for animal habitats, and found lots.

We found out what it just be like to be an animal by playing a game where four people were all necessary things animals need to survive: food, water, company and habitat.  We had to run around giving the four people a high-five every time we passed them stopping at the habitat for 10 seconds.  Then we played it without the habitat and we had to run a lot further, so we couldn’t stop.

We learnt the habitat of lots of different creatures, like moles, who live underground where there are worms and darkness.  Small birds actually live in bushes more than trees because they are more protected from predators and have a  sheltered route around to get to different places.

The  lady suggested adding a few more places for animals to use, such as a bird feeder, bat box or pond, but she said that overall we have an environmentally friendly school.

We all enjoyed the visit and it taught us a lot.


Every Wednesday P6 walk down to P2 to join their buddies. P2 will read their reading books the P6s and they have come along really well with their reading.

Sometimes P6 read their books to the P2’s.  We are really enjoying their visit to P2.

Recently P2 made ECO houses and the P6’s enjoyed looking at their incredible houses. We had a competition for the best house and Ameena’s buddy – Noami won.  Of course all of the P2’s houses were brilliant so it was extremely hard to judge.

P6 really enjoy their time with the P2’s and we hope they do too.

On Monday 29th August P6 went to the book festival at Charlotte Square. We went into a massive tent and we watched Joshua Seigal tell us about his new book “I Don’t Like Poetry”. He told us a bit about his life and how he became a poet. We enjoyed listening to all his poems and joining in. The poem we liked best was “I’m addicted to chicken”.
We would like to go back next year.
by Aoileann, Sophia and Euan.

SESSION 2014-2015


P5 have been busy working in groups to complete a display of their knowledge about their chosen endangered animal and are preparing their presentations for the class.

P5A have been engaged in creating an interesting background, using collage, for their detailed pencil drawings.

P5B have chosen to study the work of Andy Warhol and have drawn their animals in the style of one of his most famous painting.

IMG_0529 IMG_0535

In maths both P5 classes have been learning how to interpret information on different types of graphs and have had opportunites to create their own graphs.

In Literacy they have been writing different types of letters.

SESSION 2013-2014


P4b put their learning about circuits to good use last week by designing activities for a Primary 2 class. They worked really hard and came up with lots of fun and imaginative ways to use electricity to create games, quizzes and challenges for younger learners. P4b looked after their visitors beautifully and everyone involved can feel really proud of themselves!

Here are some pictures to give you a flavour of what we got up toImage





Spring 2014
P4 have been working with circuits and learning about electricity in our latest topic. We have lit up bulbs and tested around the classroom for insulators and conductors. The next stage is to use this knowledge to create a fun game for some of the younger classes to play, we are very excited for this.


In fundraising for SCIAF, we have done extremely well. As well as really embracing the Commonwealth dress up theme, we did a sponsored event. P4 ran a number of laps and would like to thank all of those who sponsored them – we have raised enough money to buy a few of each animal-chickens, goats and pigs!

P4 have written books, learned about the World of Work and started Food Tech in the last term, we are looking forward to the next term to see what exciting things are in store! (Expect to see more Commonwealth focus with a special look at Singapore, Nigeria and the Bahamas)!


P4 Scotland Topic

P4 are enjoying their new topic, learning Scottish dancing with Mrs Walker, songs with their teachers and lots of fascinating facts about Edinburgh Castle and some of the characters who used to inhabit our city.

Next Friday we will show off our “Jeely Piece Song” in the St Andrews assembly, please practise your verse at home!

Our visit to Edinburgh Castle is coming up on Wednesday 27 November, please wrap up very warm and remember your packed lunch that day! We will have history workshops provided entitled Flags and Scottish Heroes.


Every class in the school was asked to choose a famous artist and look at and recreate their work. P4 chose Quentin Blake who famously illustrated the Roald Dahl books.


100_4191During Health Week we were able to take part and enjoy a variety of activities. Our mornings were starting with a workout in the playground with the rest of the school including staff, Mums and Dads and brothers and sisters. We were introduced to Gaelic Football which we will continue with for the rest of the year.

Session 2012-2103 (P3)


We all enjoyed learning about ‘Financial Fairytales’

e also enjoyed showing our parents what we learned. We were asked lots of questions.



We have been learning about on-line safety. We have even made a song up about it with Mrs Johnstone. We know it is important not to give anyone our password or to use embarrassing photographs or to give out personal details to anyone. The person we are talking to on-line may not be the person we think they are.

online securitty

Welcome back to the new term in primary 3.

Health week starts the week beginning 27th August , we are looking forward to our daily morning aerobics in the playground.

The Olympics come to St Peters

Our sports day this year was different as we were all given countries to represent and the day started with an opening ceremony with national anthems and lots of flag flying. The sports for us took place in the afternoon and we all had a fantastic day. On the second day we had a closing ceremony and this time the Nursery performed some sticky kids and there was a display by our very own cheerleaders. It was very exciting.

Visit to Cardinal O’Brien’s House

P3 had a wonderful visit to Cardinal O’Brien’s house on Tuesday 6th and 13th March 2012. Both classes enjoyed their visit and the Cardinal made them very welcome. The learned a lot of interesting facts about the Cardinal’ s life and joined him for a special service in his Chapel.

P3 Trip to East Links Country Park

P3 went to East Links Country Park yesterday (28.2.12) and spent an exciting day exploring all the park had to offer. Some children were lucky enough to see lambs being born.

P3 at P.E.

This term P3 will be doing gymnastics with Mrs Walker our P.E. specialist. We will be learning balances, jumps and tumbles. Future stars of the Olympics in training.

Happy New Year to everyone from P3

This term primary 3 will study Scot’s language with a focus on Robert Burns.

We will also be studying Morningside and the local community.

We welcome any comments.


P3 have been busy preparing for Christmas by making a variety of different decorations to take home. They have also been rehearsing a special song that they will perform on the last day of term assembly.

Merry Christmas!


P3 were visited by Marie-Louise Cochrane, a former pupil at St.Peters, in her capacity as storyteller. They particularly enjoyed the story of Mrs Mash. They really felt as if they were part of the story.

Primary 3 enjoyed a variety of activities during Health Week. Amongst these were Taekwon-do and football.


SESSION 2016-2017

This P7 class have now moved on to High School.  We wish them well.


Update 18.5.17

The Weather here has been good and warm when the sun shines.  We have all been busy going from one activity to an other and having fun.  Just had our lunch and we are now going abseiling.  Looking forward to the Disco tonight.

Here are some  pictures .

Update 16.5.17

Last night the children went out on a night walk and returned covered in mud.  All managed to sleep soundly. (All that fresh air).

We have just had lunch after spending the morning Canyoning and we are now getting ready for our next activity.  Photos will follow as soon as internet allows.

P7 arrived safely yesterday at Benmore. We will try our best to update you as quickly as possible but internet connections are upredictable

What to bring to Benmore.  Follow the links below.

What Shall I Bring to Benmore 


Cross Country 2017

Well done to all those in P6/7 who represented the school at the Cross Country event at the Meadows today. Despite some very wet underfoot conditions all competitors gave their all and did themselves and the school proud.

A special congratulations to Evie in P6B who won her race, Sorcha in P7B who finished second and Ronan in P7A who came fourth (with a bit of sportsmanship along the way!) These children were awarded a medal each at the end of the event.

Thanks to all the parents who helped out and cheered the children on! Finally a special thanks to Mrs Walker who organised the event.

Busy Week

This week has been a very busy week in Primary 7. On Monday we had our first skiing lesson in P7 at Midlothian Snowsports Centre. It was a cold morning but perfect for our enthusiastic skiers. Photos to follow next week.

This was followed by a visit from Dog’s Trust where we learned about the role of dogs in WW2 as this is our topic this term. We learned about why dogs are still used in wars today with some stories about heroic dogs in years gone by. We also learned about how to look after dogs today and what to do if a dog we do not know approaches us.


On Thursday we went to the Risk Factory – a much anticipated trip for primary 7! We showed great teamwork skills but unfortunately we can’t tell you too much more as we want to keep the surprise for younger pupils to visit when they are in P7. However when asked if we enjoyed the trip our answer was unanimous…


Science at St Thomas’

This term, we were invited to go up to St Thomas’ RC High School on two occasions to take part in exciting Science lessons based around energy. During the first trip, we explored what acid rain was and carried out tests on samples of water taken from reservoirs in Edinburgh and the Lothians. We were then given the challenge of investigating different types of renewable energy.

Our second visit to the high school involved being put into teams and given the task of designing our own wind turbine. It was great to see what life will be like in school next term and to meet a few of our new teachers.


We have just joined P7 and it has been a great experience so far. We have worked on place value and decimals. In decimals have been multiplying and dividing by multiples of 10, 100 and 1000. To help us relate this to real life situations, we planned a party with a budget of £400. We have also started a topic on South America.

In engineering we made spaghetti bridges which consisted of making a structure capable of holding 250g above the ground only using raw spaghetti, rubber bands and sticky tape. We also made helicopters using paper and paper clips along with creating geodesic domes using cocktail sticks and sweets.

spaghetti-bridge           geodesic-dome
-Benni, Daniel & Elena

SESSION 2015-2016 (P6)

Thursday 3.3.16

We made up to the top of the hill. All 800 metres of it.





Wednesday 2.3.16

There was lots of activities in the snow today. Mrs Hunter had her first try of cross country skiing. We went canoeing, gorge walking, tree climbing, hill walking and fire building. At night we took part in a copoeira lesson, which is a non-contact marshall art that originated in Brazil. There has been move heavy snowfall this afternoon so looking forward to more snowy activities tomorrow.













Good Morning 2.3.16



SESSION 201502016

We have arrived!

Our journey went smoothly (no sick bags were needed) and the children were fascinated with the new Queensferry Crossing. After exploring we got settled in and had tea. Lentil soup and Macaroni cheese. After tea we had a night walk. We had to work in teams to complete an obstacle course in blind folds and in the pitch dark.



We have arrived to blue skies and sunshine with a little snow on the hills.


And we’re off. P6 left this morning at 9.45 to go to school camp in Lagganlia. There was much excitement and just a few tears ( but that’s enough about Mum and Dad). Watch out for more news.





Friday 13th May 2016

Final day.  The early morning jogging club has fewer members this morning . Too many pupils sleepy this morning.

Thursday 12th May 2016

It has certainly been a very quick week. Last day of activites today and groups are going to Lock Eck to kayak and canoe and hopefully, depending on the wind we might manage to get some sailing as well today. There are groups also going up the gorge today. All pupils have participated extremely well in activities this week and many of them have surpassed their expectations and really pushed themselves to master new skill.

Not surpisingly, pupils are still talking enthusiastically about this evening’s disco. I believe Mr Pritchard is going to be taking the quieter option of board games and reading in the library!!!

We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow and I am sure that your children will have plenty more to tell you about their Benmore experiences at the weekend.

Wednesday 11th May 2016

Yet another bright sunny day here at Benmore. All pupils have been extremely busy in a variety of activities today. One group had great fun in Puck’s Glen. They learned a lot of interesting information about different trees, plants and fungi. They aslo had time to rinse their hair in a very cool waterfall! Other groups were gorge walking, climbing and abseiling as well as orienteering and caving.

Tonight there was a creative activity where children worked in groups to make their own mini rafts out of twigs and grasses found in the garden. There was a raft race in the river where three rafts managed to nearly make it to the finishing line without breaking up!

Pupils are already getting excited about tomorrow night’s disco, discussing music they would like played and the outfits they are planning to wear!

Benmore 2 Benmore 3 Benmore 4 Benmore 5 Benmore 6 Benmore 8 Benmore 9 Benmore 10 Benmore 11 Benmore 12 Benmore 13 Benmore 14 Benmore 15 Benmore 16 Benmore 17 Benmore 18 Benmore 19 Benmore 20 Benmore

Tuesday 10th May 2016

Benmore 9 Benmore 13 Benmore 12 Benmore 11 Benmore 10 Benmore 8 Benmore 7 Benmore 6 Benmore 5 Benmore 3 Benmore 2


Benmore 9 Benmore 13 Benmore 12 Benmore 11 Benmore 10 Benmore 8 Benmore 7 Benmore 6 Benmore 5 Benmore 3 Benmore 2

Another beautiful sunny day at Benmore and after a good sleep pupils got up raring to get started on their activities. It was quite blustery on the loch so the sailing had to be stopped but pupils got a short excperience of setting up the sails and had a short swim afterwards in a beautiful crystal clear pool. Groups went mountain biking, gorge walking, climbing and abseiling.

Pupils are quite tired this evening writing up their diaries before the tuck shop is opened. An evening activity involving hunting the teachers (hiding outside), will complete a very busy active day.

Hopefully all pupils will be fast asleep by 10.00pm tonight!


image image

After a beautiful bus journey in glorious sunshine pupils and staff arrived at Benmore safely in the early afternoon. Pupils met their instructors and had a great afternoon exploring the Benmore botanical gardens and learned lots of useful information about the huge variety of trees growing there.

After tea pupils wrote their diaries and then went out In groups to the river for a refreshing swim!

Tomorrow there will be many different activities hopefully again in the warm sunshine.

SESSION 2014-2015

After our visit to Lagganlia it was back to school for a busy term.

We took part in the P6/P7 show “Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat”. An amazing experience and we cant wait until next year when we produce our own show.

We have also visited St Thomas and participated in Carousel activites covering all the cirricular areas.  This was really good and has made us realise that our time in Primary is going to be over in a year.  We are all looking forward to being in P7.


During a Science project we were asked to come up with a structure made from paper that would be strong enough to hold a tennis ball.  A lot of thought and experimenation went into this and we had fun building our structures. Some were more successful than others.


We took part in Food Technology week and went to visit a farm.  It was great to see how our food is produced and we were able to collect eggs and then make them into sandwiches for lunch.

We made delicious pastries.


Today we have been learning how to use a compass and to read a map and then we used this new skill to go on a walk. It was long but worth it as the views were spectacular.  We had lunch out in the wilderness and after there was time for some fun in the snow. 1/4/15

mapreading 2


long walklunch


8 9

As we mentioned yesterday there has been a bit of snow and this morning we had some indoor activities before heading out.  Of course we had to build ourselves a snowman.  More to follow. 1/4/15


Indoor activitiesIndoor activities 2

snowman 2


This is our  first full day filled with activities – gorge walking, mountain biking, hill walking, rock climbing, absailing and  tree climbing and although it doesn’t look like it we have a lovely blanket of snow. 31/3/15







Lagganlia 2015

Once our beds were made it was dinner time and we had a lovely steak pie and raspberry cheesecake, judging by the empty plates the children certainly enjoyed it. Following dinner we engaged in our first activity – the night walk.

image image image

We then split into dorms and the children were given the task of making their bed. It took some pupils longer than others…


But we got there in the end!

Primary 6 arrived at Lagganlia in high spirits and were immediately met by Nick who discussed expectations for the week. The children then met their activity instructors and explored the camp.





The bags are all safely packed into the coach and the children are all on.  They are now on their way to Camp.  There was much excitement this morning when they came in so not sure how quiet the journey will be as they are all talking about what is to come.

There will be an update coming soon.


Primary 6 have just finished Skiing tuition at Midlothian Ski Centre. We were ‘lucky’ enough to experience snow on all three of our visits and the pupils had a great time.


Eagerly listening to Skiing instructions.


Getting up the slope is the hardest part!


EU Topic

This term Primary 6 pupils have been learning about the European Union. Every pupil was given a member of the EU to research and presented this information to the rest of the class. Pupils created some lovely European themed artwork. IMG_0683[1]

SESSION 2013-2014

Everyone’s an Author

Primary 5 have been working very hard on writing their first novels!

We have been able to share and discuss our ideas, plan and draft our ideas and then use these to write our novels. We have enjoyed reading and sharing our stories with other children in school.



In PE, we have been practising and developing our gymnastics skills. We have been using the climbing frame and practising our rolling, travelling, climbing and balancing.


Food Technology

We have been learning how important it is to be hygienic when handling and preparing foods. As part of our Commonwealth Games celebrations, we have been comparing and preparing the foods of two Commonwealth countries. The Primary 5 countries have been Scotland and Canada. For each of these countries, we have looked at the source and sustainability of foods. In Primary 5, we used the new cooking equipment to make and prepare cheese and pancakes.


World of Work Week

Primary 5 enjoyed World of Work Week. We learned about different careers we would like to try in the future. To learn about different careers, we took part in a number of activities both in and out of school. A number of parent helpers came into school to talk to us about their jobs. These jobs included a graphic designer, a doctor and a photographer.


Endangered Animals Topic

Primary 5 have been learning about Endangered Animals. As part of this topic, an officer from the SSPCA came to speak to us about how we can be animal friendly citizens. After looking at a presentation about the work of the SSPCA, we completed an activity where we had to make decisions about how an SSPCA officer prioritises their case load.

We also visited Edinburgh Zoo to gain more information about endangered species and the reasons for being endangered.

Pablo Picasso

Our paintings of Dora Maar in the style of Pablo Picasso
Our paintings of Dora Maar in the style of Pablo Picasso

At the start of term each class chose a famous artist to study and reproduce their work in our own way. P5 chose Pablo Picasso.


Making smoothies using pedal power
Making smoothies using pedal power

We were very busy during Health Week and we really enjoyed making our own fruit smoothies using ‘pedal power’. We each selected some fruit to go into the blander which was attached to a motor which was powered by our own hard work on the bike. The result: delicous smoothies and tired legs.

Session 2012-2013 (P4)


We are doing an experiment this week to find the ideal conditiions for growing seeds. We will let you know our results when we have them.


P4 Learned about ‘needs and wants during Financial Education Week. We also learned the importance of savings. and making a budget.p4JPG

Viking Topic

Primary 4 have been studying Vikings this term and have been doing many different activities. They have visited Vikingar in Largs where they found out many interesting things about Vikings. Yesterday they went to The Filmhouse in Lothian Road to watch a film about Vikings. In class they have been weaving, making Viking Faces, making bread and have even made their own Viking Helmets.


A warm welcome back to a new term in primary 4 ! We hope you all had a lovely – fun summer holiday ! We will kick off the new term with health week, which starts the week beginning 27th of August ! Every morning we will have a whole school aerobic workout in the playground, to which all are welcome !!

This year our sports day took on an Olympic flavour and our sports were held over 2 days. We were all put into different countries and took part in an opening ceremony , we even had torches.
As usual everyone got behind there houses and competition was close. Congratulations to Grampian who won this years trophy.
Primary 4 have been busy finding out about Vikings. On Thursday we went to Largs to visit Vikingaar. There we were introduced to Eric who told us about the myths, legends and people. Some of the children dressed in costumes and acted out scenes. We were then shown round a Viking Longhouse and found out about the day to day life of a viking and their gods. It was a long trip but everyone enjoyed it.
As you can see from the photograph we have been busy creating our own Viking Longship crewed by fearsome worriers and maidens.
Today p4 enjoyed a visit from Generation Science. They learned all about The Water Cycle. The lesson was brought to life when they found out about condensation, evaporation, freezing and melting. They even managed to make there own cloud.
Primary 4A have been busy preparing for their Viking Assembly on 10th February. They have been making Viking helmets and brooches and practising their scripts with enthusiasm.
We look forward to welcoming friends and family at 11am on Friday, 10th February.

Happy New Year from P4

Happy New Year

This term P4 will be studying Vikings. We will be using all areas of the curriculum to explore this topic.

Trip to Edinburgh Castle

Primary 4a recently went on a trip to Edinburgh Castle. This linked with their topic of ‘Scotland.’ The class learned about different coats of arms and daily life in the castle. In this picture, the children are learning about how the castle was invaded by soldiers who swam through the loch and climbed up the castle wall.


P4 all enjoyed a visit from the storyteller Ruth Kilpatrick. We started of the session by singing a traditional scottish song “Rattling Bog’ then we settled down to listen to her bring the tradional stories of Betsy White to life. Everyone had a really good time.

Miss McGrouther, Miss Carroll ,Mrs Moffat and the children in P4 have been settling in to a new school year. As part of Health Week P4b took part in Korfball. A new sport to most of us.


Primary 6 Blog

SESSION 2017-2018

April 2018 Dalguise

Having arrived safe and sound the children got themselves settled into the camp.  After lunch they were put into their groups and soon started various activities.




SESSION 2016-2017

A letter for P5 parents

Dear Parent/ Guardian,
Broughton High School’s Talented Young Performer Programme is for Primary 6 and Primary 7 pupils interested in dance. Pupils from across Edinburgh can audition to be part of the programme.  The programme is run by Broughton High School’s Specialist Dance Department and supported by the City of Edinburgh Council Arts and Creative Learning Team.
Classes are on a Friday afternoon from 2-4pm in the Dance Studios at Broughton High School. Throughout the year students will participate in weekly technique classes in jazz, contemporary and choreography.   Ballet technique will also be taught but not through specific ballet classes. The pupils will also get the opportunity to perform in Broughton High School’s Specialist Dance end of year show in June.
If your child is currently in P5 and has a love for dance then they will love the Talented Young Performers Programme which will run from September 2017 – June 2018.
Auditions are on Friday 19th May 2-4pm in the dance studio at Broughton High School. Application forms can be found on the school website at and should be returned to Broughton High School either via email or post ahead of the auditions on Friday.
Everyone that applies should attend the audition. Registration will take place at 1.40 at the school reception on Friday 19th May. Dance department staff will meet students, register students and allocate numbers before taking them along to the dance studio for a fun afternoon of dance.
Results of the auditions will be emailed within two weeks following the auditions.
Kind Regards,
Laura McAdam
CL Dance/ Dance Development Officer
Broughton High School/ City of Edinburgh Council

Primary 5 have been busy during the last two weeks, learning across the curriculum, linking curricular areas together.
They explored the volume of a variety of containers in an Outdoor Learning session, linking maths and science.

In another maths topic they have explored how 3D objects are made from 2D shapes. Using this idea, they each made a beautiful little gift box from the net of a cube. This is where many skills were utilised: they had to draw the net of a cube of a given size, then cut and glue the edges.


P5 have also been writing Christmas stories which they hope to read to younger classes before the end of term.

P5 have continued their learning with regular Ukelele lessons.  Their playing has improved over this term.


Last week P5 also enjoyed their Christmas party – putting their dance skills into a real context. Mrs Walker had introduced some new Scottish Country Dances to their repertoire. A fantastic time was had by all, with some children especially happy as they had won prizes in some of the games.

P5 have also attended Ski lessons at Hillend this term. This was a great opportunity for pupils to learn new skills and also for pupils to build on their existing skills. This was a brilliant experience for everyone who took part.

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SESSION 2014-2015



P4 are fascinated by Viking LIfe.  They know how to use the Futhark ( viking alphabet) , worship their gods, live daily life and fight like warriors.





Primary 4 have been learning about Minibeasts. We hope you enjoyed learning all about them too at our fabulous assembly.

We have been growing butterflies in our classroom and we are waiting for them to hatch!

Health Week

Primary 4 enjoyed Health Week and all the super activities that we took part in. Thank you to all the wonderful parents who came to help us!

SESSION 2013-2014

Primary Three are amazing authors!

Primary Three pupils enjoyed creating books during the focus on “Everyone is an Author.” They created stories about a magic carpet ride that took them to Egypt. As the pupils are studying Egypt just now they were able to use their knowledge to write about Ancient Egypt.


Trip to Pizza Express during “World of Work” week

Some of the Primary Three pupils said that their visit to Pizza Express was the best trip ever!! They learned a lot about food technology and food hygiene during their visit. Every pupil made a whole pizza and got to take it back to school to eat.



Primary Three have been enjoying learning about maps in the local area. We spent some time mapping the local park. We have also been learning about the country of Spain and will be learning some Spanish songs, including a Christmas Carol. FLAG

In maths we have been learning about numbers to 1000. A session on angles is about to begin and pupils will be learning about right angles.

Primary Three settled in well to school after the holidays. We have had a very busy time starting off with a study of Wassily Kandinsky. Every class in the school was asked to choose a famous artist and look at and reproduce their work. Below are some photographs of us busy at work on our Kandinsky designs. Mrs Johnstone’s daughter -art expert- shared her skills with us.

Miss Johnstone showed the pupils a powerpoint about Kandinsky and taught them how to use art painting pencils and wax crayons to create a design. the pupils listened well and were very excited. about

Kayleigh helps us with our Sreet Dance moves

Kayleigh helps us with our Sreet Dance moves

Wake and shake everyone!!
Wake and shake everyone!!


Every morning during Health Week the whole school participated in Wake and Shake sessions. Primary Three also had the opportunity to do Gaelic football, Street Dance/Cheerleading and skipping activities/playground games. Mrs Sutheralnd came in to talk about the five ways to eat fruit and vegetables. Primary Seven made fruit kebabs and fruit faces with us.


Primary 2 enjoyed Science Week. Mr Nailon came to speak to us about how science is used in medicine. He showed us how radiation is used in medicine to help people feel better.

We carried out an investigation into fingerprints at ho


During Financial Education Week we ‘went shopping’. We learned how shops work and how to spend money wisely.



We have been learning about teeth and how important it is to look after them. Weknow which foods to eat and which to avoid and how to brush properly.



Primary 2 are learning different ways of travelling, balancing, jumping and rolling in PE. We have been practising these skills using different pieces of equipment. We have enjoyed sharing our different gymnastics skills with each other.

gymnastics 1

gymnastics 2

Sun, Moon and Stars

Primary 2 have really enjoyed learning about this topic. We went on a trip to Dynamic Earth to learn more about earth and space. We were able to see what astronauts take to Space with them.

In school, we have been learning about the phases of the Moon. We have been keeping a Moon Diary to watch how the Moon changes over a period of time.

We have learned a lot of interesting information from this topic and are looking forward to starting our new topic of Dental Health soon.

dynamic 1

dynamic 2

moon diary

Friendship Week

Primary 2 enjoyed Friendship week in school. We discussed what makes a good friend and how we can be a good friend to others. We made friendship cards and bracelets for each other. We also created a friendship promise which we will remember throughout the year.

friendship week 1

freindship week 2

friendship week 3

friendship week 4

Sun, Moon and Stars

We have now started our topic on Sun, Moon and Stars. We are very excited about this topic and are looking forward to our trip to Dynamic Earth. We enjoyed creating our own rockets and imagining our journey to Space. We were able to follow instructions carefully to make our rockets and identify the shapes involved in making these.

Marie Curie Little Pots of Care

We have planted our Marie Curie little pots of care to help people who are poorly. We enjoyed planting our daffodil bulbs and were able to write a set of instructions about how to plant a bulb. We have now taken our plant pots home to look after. We will bring these back to school soon to see how much they have grown!

Storyteller Visit

On Wednesday 31st October, a storyteller came to visit Primary 2. We all listened carefully to the exciting stories she told. Some of us had to help her tell the stories and we really enjoyed taking part.

Houses and Homes

We have been learning about Houses and Homes. We have been looking at our houses and have been describing them in our writing. We all created pictures of different houses looking at the different shapes we could see.


In Primary 2, we have been working on our mental maths. We have enjoyed using number crunchers and maths games to help us solve problems in our heads!

Hopetoun House Visit

As part on our topic on Houses and Homes, Primary 2 visited Hopetoun House to learn about Victorian Houses and Animal Homes. We were servants and maids for the day and learned how to look after a Victorian House. We also had a look around the grounds of Hopetoun House to look at some animal homes. We were very excited to see some deer being fed! Primary 2 had a fantastic time and learned a lot to use in our topic.

Health Week

On Thursday of Health Week, Primary 2 practised their cheerleading. We were able to learn a dance routine and try some really tricky moves!

We also learned how we can eat fruit to keep healthy. We made fruit kebabs and loved eating them!

A cardiologist came to visit Primary 2 to teach us how to keep our hearts healthy.

On Wedenesday, Primary 2 enjoyed taking part in Fitness fun. There were lots of pieces of equipment for us to try in the gym hall. We had great fun using the gym equipment, trampolines, bouncy castle and football pitch.

Primary 2 have had a busy day during Tuesday of Health Week.
We helped Mrs Clyde and Mrs Green to decorate the friendship benches in the school playground. We have decorated them with our drawings of our favourite memories of the olympics. We also drew some pictures of our favourite olympians. The friendship benches now look fantastic!

We have also been learning how to keep a healthy diet. We tried making fruit smoothies to keep us healthy. They were delicious!

On Monday of Health Week, Primary 2 enjoyed learning animal yoga with Mrs Skelly. We were able to use our bodies to make different animal shapes. Can you guess which animals we were?

Welcome Back!

Welcome to Primary 2

Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday and are ready for a busy and exciting year !

Health Week begins the 27th August so lets follow our fellow Olympians and go for gold!


As part of our Living Things topic, Primary 2 have been learning about what plants need to help them grow. We have planted our own bean seeds into little pots. We have left them in sunlight and have given them plenty of water. We are looking forward to watching them grow!


Primary 2 enjoyed learning about Toys. As a homework task, everyone created their own toy. We were able to share our toys with each other. We took turns in visiting both Primary 2a and Primary 2b to see and share our toys with each other.

Botanic Gardens

As part of our Living Things topic, Primary 2 visited the Botanic Gardens to learn about the journey of the Panda. We learned that Pandas need food, shelter, water and air to survive and live happily. We also learned that Pandas love bamboo!

Primary 2b Assembly

Primary 2b performed their assembly on the theme of Summer. We have enjoyed discussing what we like about the Summer and where we are going on our holidays.

We have been learning songs about the Sun and how when the sun is shining, it puts everyone in a good mood. We hope that the sun shines brightly this Summer!

Eco Show

Primary 1, 2 and 3 were invited to watch an eco show on Thursday 19th April.

We all enjoyed the show and learned how to keep our school environmentally friendly.

Day and Night – Generation Science

Primary 2 enjoyed our Generation Science workshop, Day and Night. We learned about about the earth,sun and moon. We also learned about day and night in different countries.


In PE, Primary 2 have been practising their gymnastics. They have been practising rolling, balancing, travelling and climbing. We have really enjoyed showing our gymnastic skills to each other.


Primary 2 have been learning about Lent. Each class made a lenten promise.

Primary 2a promise only to use kind words to each other.

Primary 2b promise to listen carefully to all teachers.

Visit from the Dentist

Primary 2 recieved a visit from Mrs Colvin, who works as a Dentist, to help with our topic about teeth. She brought Katie the Kangaroo with her who helps us learn about teeth. We were able to look in Katie’s mouth and identify the different types of teeth. We also learned how to brush our teeth properly and how to keep our teeth healthy. We learned which foods are good for our teeth and which ones we should keep for special treats. We really enjoyed listening to Mrs Colvin and learned lots of interesting information.

Chinese New Year

Primary 2 have been celebrating and learning about Chinese New Year. We have learned that this year it is the year of the dragon. We have enjoyed watching videos of Chinese Dragon Dances on the Promethean Board. We have enjoyed making our own Chinese Dragons and Chinese Lanterns in class.

Happy New Year! This term Primary 2 will be learning about Dental Health.

Christmas Party

On Wednesday 15th December, staff and pupils boogied on down at the Primary 2 Christmas party. Everybody had a great time and enjoyed themselves.


Primary 1 and 2 performed their Nativity to the joy of the staff, parents and children of the school. They performed beautifully and should be very proud of themselves.

Sun, Moon and Stars

Primary 2 are enjoying learning about their current topic which is Sun, Moon and Stars. Primary 2a and Primary 2b have worked together in small groups to create the different planets and have enjoyed looking at these in our classrooms. We have enjoyed researching information about these planets and sharing it with our classmates.

Friendship Week

During Friendship week, Primary 2 enjoyed learning and describing how we can be good friends to each other. We enjoyed taking part in different activities which allowed us to make new friends within our class and the school. Children from both Primary 2a and 2b worked together in small groups to create planets for our Sun, Moon and Stars topic.

We also enjoyed making friendship chains and friendship bracelets for each other.

Author Visit to Primary 2

The author, Ron Fairweather, visited Primary 2 on Monday 31st October. He told us some fantastic stories about Scotland which we enjoyed listening to. We had great fun joining in with his stories and singing some scottish songs.


Primary 5 Blog


SESSION 2017-2018

Scottish Wars of Independence

Trip to Bannockburn

Primary 5 are studying this topic and visited Bannockburn Centre to find out what life was like in this medieval time and to have a go at re-enacting the Battle using a virtual board. Pupils had a brilliant day in Stirling and had opportunities to try armour, clothing and to watch historic 3D film clips about the history.

Primary 5B have been thinking about the 6R’s and Sustainability. We looked at the typical contents of our household recycling bin and we thought about how we could REUSE these. We worked collaboratively and evaluated the types of packaging and impact of products. We Co- Designed and created items we or others could use again. Some great ideas P5B. 💡


A ‘Water Timer’ and ‘Stationary Holder’ ‘Plant Pot’ for 🌶 and a plant growing tray for flowers and seeds.

Big Writing Adventures – Boardgames

Primary 5 were given a challenge to design and create a medieval board game. They wrote background stories, created characters, designed settings and wrote instructions. We invited Primary 4 pupils to come and play the board games and to give some feedback and they really enjoyed playing the games!

Water 💧

Primary 5 studied the topic Water in Science and looked at The Water Cycle. We carried out experiments in class to look at Evaporation, Condensation and Precipitation. On World Water Day we looked at Global Goal 6 of the Sustainability Development Goals and the children looked at different aspects of this such as clean water and sanitation in a carousel activity thinking about this Globally. Mr Westmoreland visited us that afternoon to talk about the ‘poop cycle’ and how sewage systems in Scotland work.

Endangered Animals

Primary 5 have been studying Endangered Animals in our topic and we learned about the different categories of Endangered species and what the main threats to species are. We researched animals and looked at ways we can help save or protect a species. We visited Edinburgh Zoo for a workshop on Endangered Animals. We ate our lunch beside the Chimpanzees and visited the Koalas whilst also getting up close to the tiger. Primary 5B also delivered an informed assembly to the whole school and shared their learning using a creative approach.

Primary 5 have been learning about food from other countries during class Golden time. We were visited by Mrs Callea who spoke to us about the tricolor of the Italian flag and the link to the famous ‘Margherita’ pizza. We made the dough, weighing and measuring and made our topping and enjoyed eating our pizzas. We also made Risotto and traditional fruit sweets and learned how a table place would be set. 🍕🇮🇹


SESSION 2016-2017



SESSION 2016-2017


Thursday 27th April 2017

Today Primary 4 went to Largs to visit Vikingar.  We explored the Longhouse and found out about everyday life and the Norse Gods.  We were able to dress up as Vikings, not just the warriors but farmers, wordsmiths and traders.  We also found out about the Viking settlers in Scotland and the Battle of Largs.  It was a great day enjoyed by everyone.

This term we are learning about Vikings.  We are doing lots of research about how they lived.  Here are some of the questions we have been asking and some of our artwork.


Primary 4 visited the Museum on the Mound today, we had a very enjoyable trip and learned lots about money and even got the chance to see a million pounds.

Primary 4 have had lots of festive fun at their Christmas party today. We sang Christmas songs and carols under the tree which was lovely and we are all now ready for Christmas. Here is a video of one of our songs.

P4  have had a very busy term.  Our topic has been Edinburgh and we had a fantastic visit to Edinburgh Castle.  Cameron became a Knight and wore his suit of armour with pride.

We have been learning the Ukulele on a Tuesday morning and we are able to play recognisable songs now.  Wait until our sessions are finished.  Look out Britain’s got  Talent.

We have been visited in school by RSPB who told us how important it is for us to maintain and make new habitats for our wildlife.  We explored our garden and discovered that it was easy to give nature a hand.


On Thursday we visited the Internatioinal Book Fair in Charlotte Sq and met with the Author Steve Webb and the Illustrator Chris Mould  who talked about their new book Spangles McNasty and the Fish of Gold.  Cameron was lucky enough to join Steve on stage to help with a song.

After  the show Grace, Ruby and Oliver had a private meeting with the duo and interviewed them for CBBC.

SESSION 2015-2016

SESSION 2014-2015

Ancient Egypt
Primary 3 have been learning all about Ancient Egypt. We have travelled back in time, past lots of different important historical events (take a look at our class timeline display below) until we landed in the year 6000BC! It was very exciting.

We then used some important artefacts and pictures to help us find some information about what life was like for the first poeple who settled beside the River Nile. We were able to organise the important information we found into chronological order, creating our very own timelines. We now know that a timeline is a way of displaying important historical events with information, dates and pictures to make it interesting. Here are some of our own:


Primary 3 have also become very good at using an atlas to find out about Egypt. We can spot it on a world map because we know that it is part of the continent of Africa and it is in the north. Egypt also has a very important river running all the way through it. We have even looked at Egypt from a satellite in space!

There are lots of different reasons why the River Nile was important to the ancient egyptians. It is so important Egypt has even been called ‘The Gift of the Nile’. Can you think of any reasons why the Ancient Egyptian people depended on the river?

Next stop on our learning journey, we are going to do some research on farming in Ancient Egypt. Watch this space for more information.

SESSION 2013-2014


During Health Week Primary Two enjoyed the “Wake and Shake” sessions outside. We have carried on with our “Wake and Shake” sessions each morning inside the class to keep us healthy and active! Primary Two also enjoyed footbal,. yoga and making fruit kebabs and fruit faces with the Primary Seven pupils.



Primary Two studied Gaudi and we looked at some of his mosaics and created some of his designs and used re-cycled materials to make our own mosaics. Here is the display outside our classroom.


SESSION 2012-2013 (P1)

Butterfly World

The boys and girls of Primary 1 were thrilled to go on their first school trip and Butterfly World was an instant success. The children had the opportunity to observe the life cycle of the butterfly at first hand, not just read about it in class. The children also enjoyed handling the creepy crawlies, not afraid at all! Niamh from 1b even said, “The Tarantula felt like she was wearing little sock!” The reports the children wrote after the trip were very well detailed but most importantly, reflected fun they had.


To start off Science Week we were visited by a parent who told us all about building a Super Computer. He showed us how big it was and what it was able to do. It was very interesting.

super computerJPG


In P1 we learned all about money and how important it is to save. Mrs Riach came into class to talk to us.p1



This year we have set ourselves goals and are trying hard to achieve them. Some of us want to get better at writing or to sit still on the carpet and be good listeners. We also want to be better at gymnastics and at games.

Primary 1 have settled very well into St Peter’s. The children have become familiar with all the faces around the school. Through the ‘At School’ topic, children have had the opportunity to identify what they would like to know about starting school. The children have enjoyed getting to know their buddies a creating role play activities in the school corner the most.

Welcome to our new Primary 1 pupils.We hope you have had a lovely summer and are looking forward to a busy and exciting year ahead. Health week begins 27th August where there will be lots of activities and morning aerobics!

June 2012

All the children in P1 have enjoyed training for and participating in the school’s Olympic Themed Sports Days that took place on the 13th and 14th of June. We were very lucky with the weather both days. The children were happy to be part of a “different” country for the opening and closing ceremony and worked well with children from all stages of the school preparing for this. Many also talked with great enthusiasm about seeing the real Olympic torch in Morningside/Bruntsfield on the Wednesday. Many had photos to show and this is something they will remember for a long time. Everyone also had a good time at our picnic in the park event and many parents and families turned up to support us. Overall it was a fabulous two days and a super way to end their first year at St Peter’s. Special thanks to Mrs Walker our P.E. Teacher for arranging all of this.

May 2012

Everyone enjoyed their trip to the Butterfly and Insect World on the 11th May. The children were very excited to see all the beautiful butterflies fluttering around as well as hold a variety of creatures including snakes, millipedes and tarantula spiders.

April 2012

SCIAF fun run: The whole school took part in a fun run for SCIAF. Everyone dressed up. The theme was Kings and Queens and we had some wonderful kings, queens, princes and princesses.

Eco Road Show: Primary 1-3 enjoyed a visit from Professor Eco and his road show. He was teaching the children about different ways to look after ourselves and out planet. This included a variety of songs, games and quizzes that help to teach them about things such as not dropping litter, eating healthily and different ways to come to school including walking and cycling.

Learning in Context: The children thoroughly enjoyed their last topic. It was on different types of Energy including heat, light and sound. One of the activities the children were involved in was working as part of a group to design a poster showing different types of sound. This enabled the children to display their good communication and co-operative skills.

Our new topic this term is Living Things. We have set up a role play garden centre outside the P1 classrooms and the children have created some wonderful art work in the style of Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers.

Achievements at Home: The children absolutely love coming into school and sharing news of their newest talents such as dancing, learning a different language or playing an instrument.

March 2012

All primary 1 children have been busy during their P.E. lessons both with Mrs Walker (our P.E Teacher) and with their Class Teachers. They have been learning a range of gymnastic skills including balancing, rolling, stretching, and climbing.

February 2012


We continue with our daily literacy lessons and this term we have been learning lots of new sounds including wh, th, sh, ch, ai, ay, ea, ee, igh and -y and using these to help us become independent writers. We are working hard to improve our handwriting too.


We have been learning how to do addition sums using different strategies including, using a number line, counters, our fingers and remembering facts. We have even learned how to use a calculator to check our sums. We have also been learning all about time including telling the time on the hour and being able to sequence activities in our day.

Learning in Context

This term we have been learning all about different materials. We have been discovering what different things are made of and discussing why we think it is a good material for a particular purpose. The children have been learning how to use a variety of words to describe materials by their look and touch. Another part of our topic is to develop the story of the Three Little pigs. We have look at several different versions, experimented with the different materials each pig used and created drawings of each house in ICT using clicker paint. The children have also been developing the story though music and drama. Finally we hope to ask all children to create a puppet during the February break using a variety of materials that they can then bring into school to share with others.

Happy New Year

Primary 1 are happy to be back at school and are going to be learning about Materials.

The Nativity

December 22, 2011

Primary 1 had a very busy time doing their nativity play with the Primary 2 classes. The choir had to learn all the songs, the actors had to learn all their words, the narrators had to memorise their lines and the band worked on their percussion. Everything came together really well and the children perfomed beautifully on the the 13th of December (in the morning for the whole school and in the afternoon for all their families.



Primary 1 have been working on the topic of Autumn this term. They have been involved in a variety of activities including singing Autumn songs with Mrs Turnbull, creating Autumn pictures, sorting leaves by a variety of different criteria, using the clicker paint programme to create Autumn leaves and identifying changes in weather.

Another particularly enjoyable experience was a homework challenge. Each child was asked to create a 3D model of a home for an animal such as a squirrel, hedgehog or badger. They had to show their knowledge of the topic by creating a home that was fit for purpose e.g. it had to be camouflaged from other animals and cosy for the animal to hibernate in during the winter. The children were all very excited when they brought them in and were keen to share them with other children in the class as well as other children in the school.

Health Week

All Primary 1 children participated enthusiastically in our health week activities. Everyone enjoyed our daily outdoor workouts first thing each morning and this set them up for a busy morning ahead. On Wednesday both classes took part in an Enjoy-A-Ball session led by Alasdair (the coach). The children were able to display a range of ball skills including bouncing, throwing and catching. On Friday each class participated in a modern dance session led by Kayleigh (the dance teacher). Again all children were fully involved in learning a variety of steps and putting this together to form a short routine. The children displayed confidence and excellent listening skills during this session. Each day in class the children would join in a dancing and fitness session to songs such as the Funky Monkey and Old McDonald. As well as these activities the children in both classes had the opportunity to display their knowledge about where fruit and vegetables grow (underground, above ground etc) by using an interactive whiteboard activity.


Primary 4 Blog

SESSION 2017-2018




SESSION 2016-2017

Roman Visit to P.3

On Monday, 6th March, two Roman soldiers came to our school. Since we are studying the Romans, we wanted to learn more. In the morning we met Ocrassius, who is a retired Centurion. He told us about washing clothes. First you dip your dirty clothes in wee, then in fresh water, then shake and twist, dip in warm water, then leave to dry. The next thing he told us was that they didn’t have fridges. Instead, they put food in pots and put them in wet sand. Last of all, he told us that the bottom of their house was painted red so that the white didn’t get dirty. My favourite fact was how much money they received while being in the army for 20 years – £1.8 million! But that wasn’t enough to build a villa! In the afternoon we met Tiberius.

Part of a report by Clara Y. (P.3A)

The Roman soldier wore a brown scrubby belt and a big shiny helmet and some shiny armour. He told us what the Roman army needs to carry and how to wake up a Roman soldier. Then we had a fight in the gym hall. It was boys vs. girls and the girls won. He got a round marble that Roman children played with. He showed us a Celtic house which had only one room and there was a leather bed and instead of a floor there was soil and hard ground.

Part of a report by Antos M. (P.3B)

Over the past term Primary Three pupils have been learning to play the ukulele.  They have all shown great enthusiasm and were extremely excited on Friday as they demonstrated their new skills during a short concert for parents.  The performance included tunes and songs from the Charanga Music programme and finished with Jingle Bells.  All the children performed amazingly well considering the short time that they have been learning to play.  Thank you to all parents and staff who attended the concert.
Well done Primary Three!!

Science Week

Primary 2 began Science Week with a visit from Mrs Ponte to teach us about her work as a Bio Chemist. She taught us about mixing different liquids and how cells appear differently under a microscope.

We enjoyed looking at the different microscope pictures and taking part in the experiment.



Teeth Topic

Primary  2 have been learning about the topic of Teeth and Healthy Eating. We have been learning the names of different types of teeth and what we can do to keep them healthy. Primary 2a performed their school assembly describing what they had learned about the topic.



Primary 2 have enjoyed taking part in different sports to keep us fit and healthy. We have been learning to roll and balance in Gymnastics. We have also enjoyed taking part in different sporting activities outside in the playground.



Hopetoun House
Primary 2 visited Hopetoun House to learn more about our topic of Houses and Homes. We learned what it would have been like to live in a Victorian House. We dressed up as maids and servants and had to carry out some Victorian servant tasks. We were able to explore the grounds of Hopetoun House to learn more about different animal homes. We had a fantastic time and increased our knowledge of our topic.


Health Week
Primary 2 enjoyed taking part in Health Week. After an interesting talk from Waitrose, we made fruit kebabs and fruit faces. Mrs Christie and Mrs Sladen helped us learn about the different vitamins and minerals fruit and vegetables contain. We made tasty salads. Mrs Skelley taught us Animal Yoga where we made different animal shapes with our bodies. We took part in Diving training exercises where we did some stretching and jumping which would help us when diving. We hope to carry on being healthy and trying different sports throughout Primary 2.

SESSION 2014-2015

SESSION 2013-2014


100_6580SESSION 2013-2014

Primary 1 are very busy during the months of autumn with our autumn artwork. We have been collecting leaves and creating some stunning leaf rubbings. We will be learning about Paul Klee and recreating some of his famous pieces of art. We have made beautiful autumn trees.

We have been learning about animals that hibernate and will be using different materials to make a home for a hibernating animal as part of our homework. We will each get a chance to show our animal home to the class.

This term we are learning a Scottish song for St Andrew’s Day which we will perform at assembly.

We are also learning songs for our Nativity which is on December 10th.




Primary 1 have settled well into school and we are now staying all day.

We have been very busy in the short time we have been here.

We really enjoyed Health Week, especially aerobics in the playground first thing every morning.

Our buddies helped us make fruit faces and fruit kebabs which was great fun. We got to try lots of different types of fruits.

Our first topic is “At School” and we have been getting to know the different people who help us in school. We have also had walks around the different parts of the school. We have also been learning all about the artist Van Gogh and have been making our own version of his famous painting ‘Sunflowers’.

We are looking forward to learning lots of new things in Primary 1.


Primary 3 Blog

SESSION 2017-2018


Our visit to Langhill Dairy Farm


SESSION 2016-2017

December 2016

Primary 2 and Primary 5 have been collaborating together during a Christmas reindeer drive. We got to know each other a little better and had so much fun doing so.

December 2016

As part of our sun, moon and stars topic we went on a trip to the science centre, Dynamic Earth. We learned lots about space, satellites, astronauts and gravity. We had lots of fun on our tour and loved our space workshop.

November 2016

In Primary 2 we have been learning about space. We made some fruit rockets in class using a skewer and placing on different fruits. Whilst making these we discussed the importance of healthy foods and eating our 5 a day as well as learning some facts about rockets. The best part was when we got to eat our fruit rocket once we had made them.

May 2015

We have been very busy in P1 learning all about Fairy tales. Our favourite thing about this topic is that we receive exciting letters and parcels from the Friendly Dragon. They usually contain some kind of special request.


Jack lost his beanstalk so we created a new one for him!

Our very own Jack and the beanstalk!
Our very own Jack and the beanstalk!

We also made a new home for the Friendly Dragon!


Both Primary 1 classes are busy preparing for their assemblies. P1A’s assembly is Friday 29th May at 11am and P1B is Friday 22nd May at 11am. We look forward to seeing you there!

Miss Grennan

April 2015

Trip to Lauriston Castle

As part of our Spring topic, Primary 1 children visited Lauriston Castle. The children explored the grounds as we looked for different signs of Spring. The children took part in a special nature treasure hunt, they found a mixture of things ranging from different kinds of leaves to weird and wonderful beasties! All of the children took their teddies along to Lauriston Casltle and we had teddy bears picnic for lunch. A special thank you to Mrs Lilley and Lukas’ Mum for coming on our trip. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day and we look forward to our next outing!

Miss Grennan 🙂 IMG_0930[1] IMG_0931[1]


January 2015


The topic about Materials was very popular with the Primary 1 children. The children enjoyed learning about different properties of materials. They explored them by making various experiments, such as mixing vinegar with soda to make a rocket or sprinkling salt on ice whilst listening to the ice crackling!


During the half term holidays everyone took part in making their own puppet using different materials and we all had fun showing them off during our Show and tell and even more so during our Drama , where we all took part in performing in our Puppet Show!


We also had a very special visitor ( Lara` s mummy) , who came in to our class to show us different tools she uses to make jewellery and told us all about the materials she needs to make her lovely necklaces and earrings.

We watched her very carefully whilst she made a special ring for us!


I would like to say thank you to all our parents who helped us with making our puppets and a special thanks to Lara’s mum for coming in too!

Miss Pavla

SESSION 2014/2015

Welcome to the New Primary 1 Class

Sepetmber 2015

Health Week

Health Week was very successful with the Primary 1 children. The children said they particularly enjoyed the morning ‘Wake and Shake’. The movement warm up in the playground definitely set the healthy atttitude for the day. We will continue the morning wake and shake in our class throughout the year.

During the week the children also participated in animal yoga and cheerleading. Everyone showed their school spirit with a ‘GO ST PETER’S GO!’

A visit from Waitrose allowed the children the opportunity to taste and discuss some exotic fruits from all over the world. We discussed the importance of eating healthily as well as looking at source food ethically and locally.

The learners really benefitted from experiencing a variety of different activities. Many children have said that they would like to do more sports activities at home.

I would just like to say thank you to all our parent helpers who made health week fantastic for our children.

Keep up the healthy attitudes Primary 1.

Miss Hendry

Welcome Primary 1 🙂

Primary 1 have settled well into their new classes and new routines. They have had a busy and exciting transition to school.

The children began the year with their transition topic ‘Summer Holidays’. The learners were fully engaged in designing patterns for beach towels, using the sand tray to sort and organise shells as well as learning lots of summer songs.

Good job to the children who brought in items for show and tell. We seen some brilliant photgraphs and heard some exciting stories of holiday fun.

Keep up the hard work Primary 1.

Miss Hendry

SESSION 2013-2014

This is what we did in Nursery


Katie Morag stories, by Mairi Hedderwick, are proving to be very popular with the children. After turning our role play area into “The Isle of Struay Post Office”, the children designed their own postcards and sent them to Katie Morag. We had fun making 3D houses to add to our map of the Isle of Struay and the children then drew their own island maps.

11.Katie Morag

12.Making the houses on Struay


Many children were excited about bonfire night and had been to firework displays. They enjoyed using paint to make firework pictures.

10.Fire work paintings


We enjoyed many Halloween activities in Nursery. The children had fun carving pumpkin lanterns.

After listening to the story “Pumpkin Soup”, a group of afternoon children made pumpkin soup which they proudly served to their friends.

7.Carving the Pumkin

8.Pumkin Soup

9.Halloween sewing


We harvested the remaining vegetables from the enviromental garden and bought seasonal fruit for snack. Bethany brought in a sheaf of wheat and talked about how it is made into flour. We visited the baker’s shop to buy different types of bread and then baked our own bread in Nursery and served it for snack. Each child brought in harvest donations and they decorated gift boxes, filled them with food and delivered them to the elderly.

4.Waitrose Shopping

5.Harvest Boxes

6.Homemade bread


Many children brought in leaves, acorns, conkers and twigs and used them to create their own Autumn collage pictures. They loved using magnifying glasses to look at the leaves and the bark of the trees outdoors.


2.Autumn Tree rubbing

3.Magnifying glass


The Nursery children have had a really sucessful health week. As well as our daily “Wake and Shake” outdoors, the morning class took part in animal yoga, parachute games and dance. The afternoon class enjoyed a soccer skills session, music and movement activities and ball games outdoors. The children sang songs about healthy foods and enjoyed making fruit smoothies, fruit kebabs and courgette and parmesan muffins, using the courgettes they had grown in the environmental garden. They then used collage materials to make plates of healthy food.






Primary 2 Blog

   SESSION 2017-2018



SESSION 2016-2017

Primary 1


In our topic, Primary 1 have been learning about different Materials. We have been learning to sort Materials into categories and have been learning different words to describe what the materials look like and feel like. We used different materials to create models of ourselves.


Primary 1 have been working really hard in PE practising their gymnastics skills. We have been learning to balance in different ways using different parts of our bodies. We have been learning different ways of jumping and have enjoyed working on the climbing frame. We have been practising our forward rolls.

Physical Education

Primary 1 enjoy going to PE on Mondays and Wednesdays. We have been practising our tennis skills and have been practising working in a team by playing different games. We have been learning to move around the gym hall in different ways using different parts of our bodies. We are looking forward to practising our Gymnastics skills in the coming weeks.



Primary 1 have made a great start to the new year and have been working really hard. In Maths, we have been learning about 2d shapes. We have been learning to identify and describe a triangle, square, rectangle and circle. We have been looking for real life examples of these shapes in our classrooms, around our school and in the playground.

We used different 2d shapes to create shape pictures. We used the shapes to make rockets, robots and houses. We are very proud of our creations and enjoy showing them to people who visit our classrooms.




Primary 1 have been learning about the artist, Wassily Kandinsky. We have been learning how he used different shapes and colours in his art work. We looked closely at one of his paintings where he painted different coloured circles inside squares. We used this as inspiration to create our own pictures.

Next time you are in school, please look at these outside our Primary 1 clasrooms!


SESSION 2014-2015

When we were in Nursery


We are learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We have been sorting and matching shapes and are learning to recognise and name shapes during play.




During friendship week the children thought about what makes a good friend. They made friendship bracelets, baked heart shaped cookies and made cards and pictures for their friends.





The children learned about money during Financial Education week. We talked about needs and wants and the children made banks to save their money in. They had many opportunities to use money during play in our supermarket, when paying for their snack and when shopping at Waitrose. They made price tags and shopping lists and began to recognise and name coins when taking part in a wide range of money related activities.






The chidren were keen to help feed the birds during winter. They made bird food and hung it on the trees in the Nursery garden.




We have had fun outdoors exploring winter weather and looking at seasonal changes in nature. We enjoyed a winter walk, recorded the temperature each day,  made footprints in the snow, collected ice and watched it melt and created winter pictures.




SESSION 2013-2014