Parent Council

A Thank You from Mrs Johnstone

At the Parent Council we’re pleased to see the website up and running. We hope that through it we can engage your interest in 2017. The PC will be posting regular news here as well as the formal agendas and minutes of our meetings.

Our next meeting is on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 in the school at 7 pm. All are welcome and the agenda will be published soon. If you have anything you want discussed please let us know:

The members for 2016-17 are listed below.

Poster copy.jpg




Parent Council
Chairperson – Mr Bryan Heaney
Vice Chairperson – Mrs Jo Beech-Brandt
Staff Representative – Mr John Evitt
Advisor to Parent Council – Mrs Kathleen Nazarian
Church Representative – Father Scally
Treasurer – Mr Gerry Mone
Clerk – Mrs Estelle Meyer (non-member)
Mrs Jacqueline Carter-Daily
Mrs Marina Cresswell
Mr Andrew Crichton
Mrs Claire Daverin
Mrs Ana DeBonrostro
Mrs Emma Farrugia
Mrs Kathleen McAdams – Representative on Partnership Schools group
Mrs Margo Saliba
Mrs Jen Staermose-Johnson
Mr Stephen Tait
Mr Nils Thorin
Mrs Ailsa Tierney

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