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SESSION 2017-2018

April 2018 Dalguise

Having arrived safe and sound the children got themselves settled into the camp.  After lunch they were put into their groups and soon started various activities.




SESSION 2016-2017

A letter for P5 parents

Dear Parent/ Guardian,
Broughton High School’s Talented Young Performer Programme is for Primary 6 and Primary 7 pupils interested in dance. Pupils from across Edinburgh can audition to be part of the programme.  The programme is run by Broughton High School’s Specialist Dance Department and supported by the City of Edinburgh Council Arts and Creative Learning Team.
Classes are on a Friday afternoon from 2-4pm in the Dance Studios at Broughton High School. Throughout the year students will participate in weekly technique classes in jazz, contemporary and choreography.   Ballet technique will also be taught but not through specific ballet classes. The pupils will also get the opportunity to perform in Broughton High School’s Specialist Dance end of year show in June.
If your child is currently in P5 and has a love for dance then they will love the Talented Young Performers Programme which will run from September 2017 – June 2018.
Auditions are on Friday 19th May 2-4pm in the dance studio at Broughton High School. Application forms can be found on the school website at and should be returned to Broughton High School either via email or post ahead of the auditions on Friday.
Everyone that applies should attend the audition. Registration will take place at 1.40 at the school reception on Friday 19th May. Dance department staff will meet students, register students and allocate numbers before taking them along to the dance studio for a fun afternoon of dance.
Results of the auditions will be emailed within two weeks following the auditions.
Kind Regards,
Laura McAdam
CL Dance/ Dance Development Officer
Broughton High School/ City of Edinburgh Council

Primary 5 have been busy during the last two weeks, learning across the curriculum, linking curricular areas together.
They explored the volume of a variety of containers in an Outdoor Learning session, linking maths and science.

In another maths topic they have explored how 3D objects are made from 2D shapes. Using this idea, they each made a beautiful little gift box from the net of a cube. This is where many skills were utilised: they had to draw the net of a cube of a given size, then cut and glue the edges.


P5 have also been writing Christmas stories which they hope to read to younger classes before the end of term.

P5 have continued their learning with regular Ukelele lessons.  Their playing has improved over this term.


Last week P5 also enjoyed their Christmas party – putting their dance skills into a real context. Mrs Walker had introduced some new Scottish Country Dances to their repertoire. A fantastic time was had by all, with some children especially happy as they had won prizes in some of the games.

P5 have also attended Ski lessons at Hillend this term. This was a great opportunity for pupils to learn new skills and also for pupils to build on their existing skills. This was a brilliant experience for everyone who took part.

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SESSION 2014-2015



P4 are fascinated by Viking LIfe.  They know how to use the Futhark ( viking alphabet) , worship their gods, live daily life and fight like warriors.





Primary 4 have been learning about Minibeasts. We hope you enjoyed learning all about them too at our fabulous assembly.

We have been growing butterflies in our classroom and we are waiting for them to hatch!

Health Week

Primary 4 enjoyed Health Week and all the super activities that we took part in. Thank you to all the wonderful parents who came to help us!

SESSION 2013-2014

Primary Three are amazing authors!

Primary Three pupils enjoyed creating books during the focus on “Everyone is an Author.” They created stories about a magic carpet ride that took them to Egypt. As the pupils are studying Egypt just now they were able to use their knowledge to write about Ancient Egypt.


Trip to Pizza Express during “World of Work” week

Some of the Primary Three pupils said that their visit to Pizza Express was the best trip ever!! They learned a lot about food technology and food hygiene during their visit. Every pupil made a whole pizza and got to take it back to school to eat.



Primary Three have been enjoying learning about maps in the local area. We spent some time mapping the local park. We have also been learning about the country of Spain and will be learning some Spanish songs, including a Christmas Carol. FLAG

In maths we have been learning about numbers to 1000. A session on angles is about to begin and pupils will be learning about right angles.

Primary Three settled in well to school after the holidays. We have had a very busy time starting off with a study of Wassily Kandinsky. Every class in the school was asked to choose a famous artist and look at and reproduce their work. Below are some photographs of us busy at work on our Kandinsky designs. Mrs Johnstone’s daughter -art expert- shared her skills with us.

Miss Johnstone showed the pupils a powerpoint about Kandinsky and taught them how to use art painting pencils and wax crayons to create a design. the pupils listened well and were very excited. about

Kayleigh helps us with our Sreet Dance moves

Kayleigh helps us with our Sreet Dance moves

Wake and shake everyone!!
Wake and shake everyone!!


Every morning during Health Week the whole school participated in Wake and Shake sessions. Primary Three also had the opportunity to do Gaelic football, Street Dance/Cheerleading and skipping activities/playground games. Mrs Sutheralnd came in to talk about the five ways to eat fruit and vegetables. Primary Seven made fruit kebabs and fruit faces with us.


Primary 2 enjoyed Science Week. Mr Nailon came to speak to us about how science is used in medicine. He showed us how radiation is used in medicine to help people feel better.

We carried out an investigation into fingerprints at ho


During Financial Education Week we ‘went shopping’. We learned how shops work and how to spend money wisely.



We have been learning about teeth and how important it is to look after them. Weknow which foods to eat and which to avoid and how to brush properly.



Primary 2 are learning different ways of travelling, balancing, jumping and rolling in PE. We have been practising these skills using different pieces of equipment. We have enjoyed sharing our different gymnastics skills with each other.

gymnastics 1

gymnastics 2

Sun, Moon and Stars

Primary 2 have really enjoyed learning about this topic. We went on a trip to Dynamic Earth to learn more about earth and space. We were able to see what astronauts take to Space with them.

In school, we have been learning about the phases of the Moon. We have been keeping a Moon Diary to watch how the Moon changes over a period of time.

We have learned a lot of interesting information from this topic and are looking forward to starting our new topic of Dental Health soon.

dynamic 1

dynamic 2

moon diary

Friendship Week

Primary 2 enjoyed Friendship week in school. We discussed what makes a good friend and how we can be a good friend to others. We made friendship cards and bracelets for each other. We also created a friendship promise which we will remember throughout the year.

friendship week 1

freindship week 2

friendship week 3

friendship week 4

Sun, Moon and Stars

We have now started our topic on Sun, Moon and Stars. We are very excited about this topic and are looking forward to our trip to Dynamic Earth. We enjoyed creating our own rockets and imagining our journey to Space. We were able to follow instructions carefully to make our rockets and identify the shapes involved in making these.

Marie Curie Little Pots of Care

We have planted our Marie Curie little pots of care to help people who are poorly. We enjoyed planting our daffodil bulbs and were able to write a set of instructions about how to plant a bulb. We have now taken our plant pots home to look after. We will bring these back to school soon to see how much they have grown!

Storyteller Visit

On Wednesday 31st October, a storyteller came to visit Primary 2. We all listened carefully to the exciting stories she told. Some of us had to help her tell the stories and we really enjoyed taking part.

Houses and Homes

We have been learning about Houses and Homes. We have been looking at our houses and have been describing them in our writing. We all created pictures of different houses looking at the different shapes we could see.


In Primary 2, we have been working on our mental maths. We have enjoyed using number crunchers and maths games to help us solve problems in our heads!

Hopetoun House Visit

As part on our topic on Houses and Homes, Primary 2 visited Hopetoun House to learn about Victorian Houses and Animal Homes. We were servants and maids for the day and learned how to look after a Victorian House. We also had a look around the grounds of Hopetoun House to look at some animal homes. We were very excited to see some deer being fed! Primary 2 had a fantastic time and learned a lot to use in our topic.

Health Week

On Thursday of Health Week, Primary 2 practised their cheerleading. We were able to learn a dance routine and try some really tricky moves!

We also learned how we can eat fruit to keep healthy. We made fruit kebabs and loved eating them!

A cardiologist came to visit Primary 2 to teach us how to keep our hearts healthy.

On Wedenesday, Primary 2 enjoyed taking part in Fitness fun. There were lots of pieces of equipment for us to try in the gym hall. We had great fun using the gym equipment, trampolines, bouncy castle and football pitch.

Primary 2 have had a busy day during Tuesday of Health Week.
We helped Mrs Clyde and Mrs Green to decorate the friendship benches in the school playground. We have decorated them with our drawings of our favourite memories of the olympics. We also drew some pictures of our favourite olympians. The friendship benches now look fantastic!

We have also been learning how to keep a healthy diet. We tried making fruit smoothies to keep us healthy. They were delicious!

On Monday of Health Week, Primary 2 enjoyed learning animal yoga with Mrs Skelly. We were able to use our bodies to make different animal shapes. Can you guess which animals we were?

Welcome Back!

Welcome to Primary 2

Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday and are ready for a busy and exciting year !

Health Week begins the 27th August so lets follow our fellow Olympians and go for gold!


As part of our Living Things topic, Primary 2 have been learning about what plants need to help them grow. We have planted our own bean seeds into little pots. We have left them in sunlight and have given them plenty of water. We are looking forward to watching them grow!


Primary 2 enjoyed learning about Toys. As a homework task, everyone created their own toy. We were able to share our toys with each other. We took turns in visiting both Primary 2a and Primary 2b to see and share our toys with each other.

Botanic Gardens

As part of our Living Things topic, Primary 2 visited the Botanic Gardens to learn about the journey of the Panda. We learned that Pandas need food, shelter, water and air to survive and live happily. We also learned that Pandas love bamboo!

Primary 2b Assembly

Primary 2b performed their assembly on the theme of Summer. We have enjoyed discussing what we like about the Summer and where we are going on our holidays.

We have been learning songs about the Sun and how when the sun is shining, it puts everyone in a good mood. We hope that the sun shines brightly this Summer!

Eco Show

Primary 1, 2 and 3 were invited to watch an eco show on Thursday 19th April.

We all enjoyed the show and learned how to keep our school environmentally friendly.

Day and Night – Generation Science

Primary 2 enjoyed our Generation Science workshop, Day and Night. We learned about about the earth,sun and moon. We also learned about day and night in different countries.


In PE, Primary 2 have been practising their gymnastics. They have been practising rolling, balancing, travelling and climbing. We have really enjoyed showing our gymnastic skills to each other.


Primary 2 have been learning about Lent. Each class made a lenten promise.

Primary 2a promise only to use kind words to each other.

Primary 2b promise to listen carefully to all teachers.

Visit from the Dentist

Primary 2 recieved a visit from Mrs Colvin, who works as a Dentist, to help with our topic about teeth. She brought Katie the Kangaroo with her who helps us learn about teeth. We were able to look in Katie’s mouth and identify the different types of teeth. We also learned how to brush our teeth properly and how to keep our teeth healthy. We learned which foods are good for our teeth and which ones we should keep for special treats. We really enjoyed listening to Mrs Colvin and learned lots of interesting information.

Chinese New Year

Primary 2 have been celebrating and learning about Chinese New Year. We have learned that this year it is the year of the dragon. We have enjoyed watching videos of Chinese Dragon Dances on the Promethean Board. We have enjoyed making our own Chinese Dragons and Chinese Lanterns in class.

Happy New Year! This term Primary 2 will be learning about Dental Health.

Christmas Party

On Wednesday 15th December, staff and pupils boogied on down at the Primary 2 Christmas party. Everybody had a great time and enjoyed themselves.


Primary 1 and 2 performed their Nativity to the joy of the staff, parents and children of the school. They performed beautifully and should be very proud of themselves.

Sun, Moon and Stars

Primary 2 are enjoying learning about their current topic which is Sun, Moon and Stars. Primary 2a and Primary 2b have worked together in small groups to create the different planets and have enjoyed looking at these in our classrooms. We have enjoyed researching information about these planets and sharing it with our classmates.

Friendship Week

During Friendship week, Primary 2 enjoyed learning and describing how we can be good friends to each other. We enjoyed taking part in different activities which allowed us to make new friends within our class and the school. Children from both Primary 2a and 2b worked together in small groups to create planets for our Sun, Moon and Stars topic.

We also enjoyed making friendship chains and friendship bracelets for each other.

Author Visit to Primary 2

The author, Ron Fairweather, visited Primary 2 on Monday 31st October. He told us some fantastic stories about Scotland which we enjoyed listening to. We had great fun joining in with his stories and singing some scottish songs.


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