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SESSION 2017-2018




SESSION 2016-2017

Roman Visit to P.3

On Monday, 6th March, two Roman soldiers came to our school. Since we are studying the Romans, we wanted to learn more. In the morning we met Ocrassius, who is a retired Centurion. He told us about washing clothes. First you dip your dirty clothes in wee, then in fresh water, then shake and twist, dip in warm water, then leave to dry. The next thing he told us was that they didn’t have fridges. Instead, they put food in pots and put them in wet sand. Last of all, he told us that the bottom of their house was painted red so that the white didn’t get dirty. My favourite fact was how much money they received while being in the army for 20 years – £1.8 million! But that wasn’t enough to build a villa! In the afternoon we met Tiberius.

Part of a report by Clara Y. (P.3A)

The Roman soldier wore a brown scrubby belt and a big shiny helmet and some shiny armour. He told us what the Roman army needs to carry and how to wake up a Roman soldier. Then we had a fight in the gym hall. It was boys vs. girls and the girls won. He got a round marble that Roman children played with. He showed us a Celtic house which had only one room and there was a leather bed and instead of a floor there was soil and hard ground.

Part of a report by Antos M. (P.3B)

Over the past term Primary Three pupils have been learning to play the ukulele.  They have all shown great enthusiasm and were extremely excited on Friday as they demonstrated their new skills during a short concert for parents.  The performance included tunes and songs from the Charanga Music programme and finished with Jingle Bells.  All the children performed amazingly well considering the short time that they have been learning to play.  Thank you to all parents and staff who attended the concert.
Well done Primary Three!!

Science Week

Primary 2 began Science Week with a visit from Mrs Ponte to teach us about her work as a Bio Chemist. She taught us about mixing different liquids and how cells appear differently under a microscope.

We enjoyed looking at the different microscope pictures and taking part in the experiment.



Teeth Topic

Primary  2 have been learning about the topic of Teeth and Healthy Eating. We have been learning the names of different types of teeth and what we can do to keep them healthy. Primary 2a performed their school assembly describing what they had learned about the topic.



Primary 2 have enjoyed taking part in different sports to keep us fit and healthy. We have been learning to roll and balance in Gymnastics. We have also enjoyed taking part in different sporting activities outside in the playground.



Hopetoun House
Primary 2 visited Hopetoun House to learn more about our topic of Houses and Homes. We learned what it would have been like to live in a Victorian House. We dressed up as maids and servants and had to carry out some Victorian servant tasks. We were able to explore the grounds of Hopetoun House to learn more about different animal homes. We had a fantastic time and increased our knowledge of our topic.


Health Week
Primary 2 enjoyed taking part in Health Week. After an interesting talk from Waitrose, we made fruit kebabs and fruit faces. Mrs Christie and Mrs Sladen helped us learn about the different vitamins and minerals fruit and vegetables contain. We made tasty salads. Mrs Skelley taught us Animal Yoga where we made different animal shapes with our bodies. We took part in Diving training exercises where we did some stretching and jumping which would help us when diving. We hope to carry on being healthy and trying different sports throughout Primary 2.

SESSION 2014-2015

SESSION 2013-2014


100_6580SESSION 2013-2014

Primary 1 are very busy during the months of autumn with our autumn artwork. We have been collecting leaves and creating some stunning leaf rubbings. We will be learning about Paul Klee and recreating some of his famous pieces of art. We have made beautiful autumn trees.

We have been learning about animals that hibernate and will be using different materials to make a home for a hibernating animal as part of our homework. We will each get a chance to show our animal home to the class.

This term we are learning a Scottish song for St Andrew’s Day which we will perform at assembly.

We are also learning songs for our Nativity which is on December 10th.




Primary 1 have settled well into school and we are now staying all day.

We have been very busy in the short time we have been here.

We really enjoyed Health Week, especially aerobics in the playground first thing every morning.

Our buddies helped us make fruit faces and fruit kebabs which was great fun. We got to try lots of different types of fruits.

Our first topic is “At School” and we have been getting to know the different people who help us in school. We have also had walks around the different parts of the school. We have also been learning all about the artist Van Gogh and have been making our own version of his famous painting ‘Sunflowers’.

We are looking forward to learning lots of new things in Primary 1.


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