Primary 3 Blog

SESSION 2017-2018


Our visit to Langhill Dairy Farm


SESSION 2016-2017

December 2016

Primary 2 and Primary 5 have been collaborating together during a Christmas reindeer drive. We got to know each other a little better and had so much fun doing so.

December 2016

As part of our sun, moon and stars topic we went on a trip to the science centre, Dynamic Earth. We learned lots about space, satellites, astronauts and gravity. We had lots of fun on our tour and loved our space workshop.

November 2016

In Primary 2 we have been learning about space. We made some fruit rockets in class using a skewer and placing on different fruits. Whilst making these we discussed the importance of healthy foods and eating our 5 a day as well as learning some facts about rockets. The best part was when we got to eat our fruit rocket once we had made them.

May 2015

We have been very busy in P1 learning all about Fairy tales. Our favourite thing about this topic is that we receive exciting letters and parcels from the Friendly Dragon. They usually contain some kind of special request.


Jack lost his beanstalk so we created a new one for him!

Our very own Jack and the beanstalk!
Our very own Jack and the beanstalk!

We also made a new home for the Friendly Dragon!


Both Primary 1 classes are busy preparing for their assemblies. P1A’s assembly is Friday 29th May at 11am and P1B is Friday 22nd May at 11am. We look forward to seeing you there!

Miss Grennan

April 2015

Trip to Lauriston Castle

As part of our Spring topic, Primary 1 children visited Lauriston Castle. The children explored the grounds as we looked for different signs of Spring. The children took part in a special nature treasure hunt, they found a mixture of things ranging from different kinds of leaves to weird and wonderful beasties! All of the children took their teddies along to Lauriston Casltle and we had teddy bears picnic for lunch. A special thank you to Mrs Lilley and Lukas’ Mum for coming on our trip. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day and we look forward to our next outing!

Miss Grennan 🙂 IMG_0930[1] IMG_0931[1]


January 2015


The topic about Materials was very popular with the Primary 1 children. The children enjoyed learning about different properties of materials. They explored them by making various experiments, such as mixing vinegar with soda to make a rocket or sprinkling salt on ice whilst listening to the ice crackling!


During the half term holidays everyone took part in making their own puppet using different materials and we all had fun showing them off during our Show and tell and even more so during our Drama , where we all took part in performing in our Puppet Show!


We also had a very special visitor ( Lara` s mummy) , who came in to our class to show us different tools she uses to make jewellery and told us all about the materials she needs to make her lovely necklaces and earrings.

We watched her very carefully whilst she made a special ring for us!


I would like to say thank you to all our parents who helped us with making our puppets and a special thanks to Lara’s mum for coming in too!

Miss Pavla

SESSION 2014/2015

Welcome to the New Primary 1 Class

Sepetmber 2015

Health Week

Health Week was very successful with the Primary 1 children. The children said they particularly enjoyed the morning ‘Wake and Shake’. The movement warm up in the playground definitely set the healthy atttitude for the day. We will continue the morning wake and shake in our class throughout the year.

During the week the children also participated in animal yoga and cheerleading. Everyone showed their school spirit with a ‘GO ST PETER’S GO!’

A visit from Waitrose allowed the children the opportunity to taste and discuss some exotic fruits from all over the world. We discussed the importance of eating healthily as well as looking at source food ethically and locally.

The learners really benefitted from experiencing a variety of different activities. Many children have said that they would like to do more sports activities at home.

I would just like to say thank you to all our parent helpers who made health week fantastic for our children.

Keep up the healthy attitudes Primary 1.

Miss Hendry

Welcome Primary 1 🙂

Primary 1 have settled well into their new classes and new routines. They have had a busy and exciting transition to school.

The children began the year with their transition topic ‘Summer Holidays’. The learners were fully engaged in designing patterns for beach towels, using the sand tray to sort and organise shells as well as learning lots of summer songs.

Good job to the children who brought in items for show and tell. We seen some brilliant photgraphs and heard some exciting stories of holiday fun.

Keep up the hard work Primary 1.

Miss Hendry

SESSION 2013-2014

This is what we did in Nursery


Katie Morag stories, by Mairi Hedderwick, are proving to be very popular with the children. After turning our role play area into “The Isle of Struay Post Office”, the children designed their own postcards and sent them to Katie Morag. We had fun making 3D houses to add to our map of the Isle of Struay and the children then drew their own island maps.

11.Katie Morag

12.Making the houses on Struay


Many children were excited about bonfire night and had been to firework displays. They enjoyed using paint to make firework pictures.

10.Fire work paintings


We enjoyed many Halloween activities in Nursery. The children had fun carving pumpkin lanterns.

After listening to the story “Pumpkin Soup”, a group of afternoon children made pumpkin soup which they proudly served to their friends.

7.Carving the Pumkin

8.Pumkin Soup

9.Halloween sewing


We harvested the remaining vegetables from the enviromental garden and bought seasonal fruit for snack. Bethany brought in a sheaf of wheat and talked about how it is made into flour. We visited the baker’s shop to buy different types of bread and then baked our own bread in Nursery and served it for snack. Each child brought in harvest donations and they decorated gift boxes, filled them with food and delivered them to the elderly.

4.Waitrose Shopping

5.Harvest Boxes

6.Homemade bread


Many children brought in leaves, acorns, conkers and twigs and used them to create their own Autumn collage pictures. They loved using magnifying glasses to look at the leaves and the bark of the trees outdoors.


2.Autumn Tree rubbing

3.Magnifying glass


The Nursery children have had a really sucessful health week. As well as our daily “Wake and Shake” outdoors, the morning class took part in animal yoga, parachute games and dance. The afternoon class enjoyed a soccer skills session, music and movement activities and ball games outdoors. The children sang songs about healthy foods and enjoyed making fruit smoothies, fruit kebabs and courgette and parmesan muffins, using the courgettes they had grown in the environmental garden. They then used collage materials to make plates of healthy food.






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