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     SESSION 2017-2018


SESSION 2016 – 2017   Nursery

We have had another busy term in the Nursery with many celebrations.

In response to the children’s interests we organised a Space topic and have been amazed at their developing knowledge.

To celebrate World Book Day, we came to Nursery dressed as our favourite book characters. We read many books by our favourite authors and brought our favourite books from home to share with our friends. The morning class became authors and illustrators and we wrote group stories. The afternoon class enjoyed a story session at Morningside Library and were delighted to receive their Book Bug gift bags.


We celebrated St David’s Day by making Welsh griddle cakes and by painting daffodils. Mrs Wright, Miriam’s Mum, taught the morning class to sing in Welsh and talked about Welsh traditions. Miriam wore her Welsh costume and the children had fun trying on the shawl, hat etc. that Mrs Wright had worn on St David’s Day when she was a child.

To celebrate Chinese New Year the children made fans, lanterns and hats, learned to count in Chinese, as well as writing Chinese numbers, singing songs about China and dressing in Chinese costumes. We all enjoyed a delicious Chinese meal and had fun using our chopsticks.

For Burns’ Day we learned a selection of Scottish songs and simple Burns’ poems and we enjoyed haggis, neeps, tatties and shortbread during our mini Burns’ supper. The morning class sang a song at the school assembly.

We had fun outdoors exploring winter weather and looking at seasonal changes in nature. We enjoyed a winter walk, recorded the temperature each day, made footprints in the snow, collected ice and watched it melt and created winter pictures. The children were keen to help feed the birds during winter. They made bird food and hung it on the trees in the Nursery garden.


Christmas Nativity Play

We went to the Little Sisters of the Poor to perform our Christmas Nativity. The residents enjoyed our performance and the children were happy to receive a festive gift from them!


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