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SESSION 2017-2018


SESSION 2016 – 2017

We have had another busy term in the Nursery with many celebrations.

In response to the children’s interests we organised a Space topic and have been amazed at their developing knowledge.

To celebrate World Book Day, we came to Nursery dressed as our favourite book characters. We read many books by our favourite authors and brought our favourite books from home to share with our friends. The morning class became authors and illustrators and we wrote group stories. The afternoon class enjoyed a story session at Morningside Library and were delighted to receive their Book Bug gift bags.


We celebrated St David’s Day by making Welsh griddle cakes and by painting daffodils. Mrs Wright, Miriam’s Mum, taught the morning class to sing in Welsh and talked about Welsh traditions. Miriam wore her Welsh costume and the children had fun trying on the shawl, hat etc. that Mrs Wright had worn on St David’s Day when she was a child.

To celebrate Chinese New Year the children made fans, lanterns and hats, learned to count in Chinese, as well as writing Chinese numbers, singing songs about China and dressing in Chinese costumes. We all enjoyed a delicious Chinese meal and had fun using our chopsticks.

For Burns’ Day we learned a selection of Scottish songs and simple Burns’ poems and we enjoyed haggis, neeps, tatties and shortbread during our mini Burns’ supper. The morning class sang a song at the school assembly.

We had fun outdoors exploring winter weather and looking at seasonal changes in nature. We enjoyed a winter walk, recorded the temperature each day, made footprints in the snow, collected ice and watched it melt and created winter pictures. The children were keen to help feed the birds during winter. They made bird food and hung it on the trees in the Nursery garden.


Christmas Nativity Play

We went to the Little Sisters of the Poor to perform our Christmas Nativity. The residents enjoyed our performance and the children were happy to receive a festive gift from them!

SESSION 2015-2016


We are learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We have been sorting and matching shapes and are learning to recognise and name shapes during play.




During friendship week the children thought about what makes a good friend. They made friendship bracelets, baked heart shaped cookies and made cards and pictures for their friends.





The children learned about money during Financial Education week. We talked about needs and wants and the children made banks to save their money in. They had many opportunities to use money during play in our supermarket, when paying for their snack and when shopping at Waitrose. They made price tags and shopping lists and began to recognise and name coins when taking part in a wide range of money related activities.






The chidren were keen to help feed the birds during winter. They made bird food and hung it on the trees in the Nursery garden.




We have had fun outdoors exploring winter weather and looking at seasonal changes in nature. We enjoyed a winter walk, recorded the temperature each day,  made footprints in the snow, collected ice and watched it melt and created winter pictures.




SESSION 2013-2014


Katie Morag stories, by Mairi Hedderwick, are proving to be very popular with the children. After turning our role play area into “The Isle of Struay Post Office”, the children designed their own postcards and sent them to Katie Morag. We had fun making 3D houses to add to our map of the Isle of Struay and the children then drew their own island maps.

11.Katie Morag

12.Making the houses on Struay


Many children were excited about bonfire night and had been to firework displays. They enjoyed using paint to make firework pictures.

10.Fire work paintings


We enjoyed many Halloween activities in Nursery. The children had fun carving pumpkin lanterns.

After listening to the story “Pumpkin Soup”, a group of afternoon children made pumpkin soup which they proudly served to their friends.

7.Carving the Pumkin

8.Pumkin Soup

9.Halloween sewing


We harvested the remaining vegetables from the enviromental garden and bought seasonal fruit for snack. Bethany brought in a sheaf of wheat and talked about how it is made into flour. We visited the baker’s shop to buy different types of bread and then baked our own bread in Nursery and served it for snack. Each child brought in harvest donations and they decorated gift boxes, filled them with food and delivered them to the elderly.

4.Waitrose Shopping

5.Harvest Boxes

6.Homemade bread


Many children brought in leaves, acorns, conkers and twigs and used them to create their own Autumn collage pictures. They loved using magnifying glasses to look at the leaves and the bark of the trees outdoors.


2.Autumn Tree rubbing

3.Magnifying glass


The Nursery children have had a really sucessful health week. As well as our daily “Wake and Shake” outdoors, the morning class took part in animal yoga, parachute games and dance. The afternoon class enjoyed a soccer skills session, music and movement activities and ball games outdoors. The children sang songs about healthy foods and enjoyed making fruit smoothies, fruit kebabs and courgette and parmesan muffins, using the courgettes they had grown in the environmental garden. They then used collage materials to make plates of healthy food.






SESSION 2012-2013

Financial Education Week

We have been busy during Financial Education Week. We have been playing shops and have visited Waitrose to get supplies for our snacks. We have been making piggy banks to help us save. We took our display to the hall and showed our parents our work.


Night and Day

After being out in the dark on Bonfire Night, the children were excited about fireworks. In Nursery, we made firework pictures and enjoyed watching a firework display on our Promethean Board.

Firework Display 003 Firework Painting Fireworks on board

The children are aware of the differences between night and day. They looked at sources of light and enjoyed using shapes to make houses with the lights on at night.

Night and Day Display 005Night and Day 022


We had fun in Nursery at Hallowe’en. The children made up spells, carved pumpkin lanterns, baked spooky cookies, dressed up and enjoyed dookin’ for apples at our Hallowe’en party.

Halloween Water


The children went on an Autumn Walk to look at the seasonal changes. They collected leaves, conkers, pine cones and acorns and used these in sorting and matching, art and craft and role-play. They identified the many colours of leaves and created their own autumn trees. They enjoyed learning new songs about Autumn.

August 2012

The children really enjoyed Health Week and were particularly excited by the micro gym equipment. One of our parents, Mrs Skelly, led an animal yoga session outdoors. Another parent, Mrs Sladen, talked to the children about healthy eating and they all baked healthy wholemeal buns.

The children dug potatoes and vegetables that they had grown in the environmental garden and we cooked these for snack. We also picked our blueberries and used these when making fruit smoothies, fruit kebabs and fruit salad.

June 2012


We joined the children in the school to take part in “St Peter’s Olympics”. The Nursery children were Team GB and wore sports clothes in red, white and blue.

The morning class took part in the parade of countries and the Opening Ceremony , before taking part in their potted sports and sprints. The afternoon class enjoyed their sports and took part in the Closing Ceremony, where they performed a song and workout for the very appreciative audience. Thank you to all families who joined us for a picnic on Thursday.

A big thank you to everyone who helped us on our outing to East Links Family Park. The children were excited, the rain stayed away until we got back and we all had a great day.

April 2012

The children have been avid gardeners in the past few weeks. They planted flower and vegetable seeds indoors and were delighted to see their plants start to grow. They have dug, weeded, planted and sown seeds in the environmental garden and have cared for the flowers growing in the pots in our Nursery garden.

The children learned about seasonal changes that take place in Spring. They enjoyed watching tadpoles develop into frogs and learned about other animals that are born in Spring. They finger painted beautiful flowers and fields of rabbits, made collage lambs and printed ducks.

We all dressed as kings, queens, princes and princesses and took part in “The Diamond Jubilee Fun Run for S.C.I.A.F. The children had a great day and were delighted with the cheers and support from their parents and families.

The children enjoyed making Easter bonnets. The afternoon class wore their bonnets when they visited our neighbours at Oaklands. They took part in an Easter Bonnet Parade

February 2012

Eco News

The Nursery children helped St Catherine’s Convent Homeless Project which provides a hot shower and a meal for those in need. The children brought in old bath or hand towels, soap, shower gel etc to support this good cause. Thanks to all families for their generosity.

Pancake Day

On Shrove Tuesday the children learned how to make pancakes and we served them for snack. They made collage pancakes with their favourite toppings and enjoyed listening to the stories of “The Big Pancake” and “Mr Wolf’s Pancake”. We used the internet to find out how Pancake Day is celebrated around the world.

Storytelling Week

This week the children have heard many stories told in various ways. Using puppets, story sacks and percussion instruments, the children helped to re-tell familiar stories.

They then made their own puppets and used these to tell stories to each other. The morning class enjoyed being authors. They made up stories in groups and then each child illustrated a page to make a book. They are very proud of their ideas and achievements.

January 2012

We have been learning about Robert Burns. We had a Burns’ Supper in Nursery and enjoyed haggis, neeps and tatties.

We recited Burns’ poems and sang a song at the school assembly.

We celebrated Chinese New Year in Nursery. The children made Chinese hats, fans and lanterns, painted Chinese symbols and enjoyed Chinese food for snack.

Happy New Year to everyone from the Nursery. This month our children will be learning about winter and Rabbie Burns.

December in the Nursery

December has been a very exciting month in Nursery. The children performed a Nativity play for their parents and families, as well as for the elderly residents of Oaklands and the Little Sisters of the Poor. We enjoyed our Christmas parties and were delighted when Santa visited with presents for all the children.

The Nursery Tombola Stall at Christmas Bazaar

What a busy Health Week ! The morning class loved their “Tae Kwon Do” and “Enjoy-a ball sessions” and daily outdoor activities. The afternoon class took part in paracute games , music and movement sessions and a gym afternoon .We had a big focus on healthy eating . The children drew and painted fruit and vegetables. We made fruit smoothies and the children selected their own favourite fruits to make their own fruit kebabs.

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