Head Teacher

Meet Our Headteacher

Welcome to St .Peter’s Primary website. St Peter’s first opened on 4th April, 1910 and moved into our new school building in 2005. During this time the school has developed a reputation for a high standard of education.

At St Peter’s, we aim to provide a welcoming, safe, caring and happy learning environment for all our pupils. The staff, pupils and parents all contribute to building a positive ethos through good, supportive relationships. We have developed strong partnerships with the Church, the Parent Council, the P.T.A. and the wider community.

The pupils and staff are very proud of our school and its many achievements and celebrate these through our website, newsletters, displays and at assemblies.

As we start our new school year, I look forward to leading our committed staff team and to working with the pupils and families at St Peter’s. I hope you enjoy learning more about us by visiting our website.

Kathleen Nazarian